“Baby Shower” for the Dad-to-Be

A way to celebrate the pending or recent birth of a child by presenting gifts to the parents generally mothers at a party. When we talk about a baby or an expecting family we tend to focus on just the mother and hence baby shower is arranged for those mothers. But the question here arises is that why are dad’s not so involved in all this?

The phrase “we got pregnant” is common these days but fathers are not given credit to that. Yes, that is a fact that a mom has to face a lot of challenges and difficulties while she’s expecting but at the same time father is someone who is there for her all the time and is concerned about the health of both the members. Parenting is not just about the mother but father also has a key role in bringing up the child as mother does. 

Parenting is a responsibly of both the parents so why not baby shower for both? Now if we are doing it for both we will have to make a new list of the guests. 

Who should be on the invitation list for the baby shower?

If you are hosting a shower, you perhaps should have an idea of who you and the parents wish to invite. Nevertheless, if someone else is organizing your shower for you, make sure they ask you ahead of finalizing the guest’s list.

That way you’ll avoid leaving out someone important or inviting someone you would rather not include, but if the to be father has to make a list , be sure that you are not inviting people who have a very formal relationship with you. Inviting friends, cousins and close colleagues is a good idea. 

What should we give on a "Baby Shower" for the Dad-to-Be as a present? 

Mostly people tend to give toys and baby related gifts but it’s not a bad idea to give an individual gift to both the parents, or you can only even give to the parent you are friend’s with. We should not hesitate in giving gifts like perfumes, shirts, wallets and other men related to gift. On the other side we should either not discourage ourselves for buying something related to mother’s personal use.  

Buying a gift for the baby shower, confused?

Don’t be. Its common sense, If you intend to buy a gift for the baby make sure you go with the set theme if there’s no theme you can even consult the person who has invited you. Yes! There’s no harm in that. If you don’t know the baby’s gender you can buy toys or other baby products which can be handy for either a baby boy or a baby girl. 

Theme setting is important

There’s no point of a baby shower if you don’t set a theme for the event or you don’t follow a specific color scheme. If you know the baby’s gender things are way simpler. Most of the questions related to the theme are answered if you know the gender.

For baby girls, the colors can be pink, purple, red, white and even a mixture or combinations of all of these colors. In case of a baby boy, the colors would be blue, green, gold, cream, white and a combination of these colors. All of these colors if combined with white will give a good effect too.

All you need to avoid is to use the dull colors, yellow and most importantly black. Since they’re thought to bring bad luck, even if you don’t believe in superstitions you should avoid it for the sake of the parents and to avoid any risks.  The color scheme shouldn’t matter if it’s a "Baby Shower" for the Dad-to-Be or not.

Be creative

A "Baby Shower" for the Dad-to-Be is one of those events in which you can actually use your creativity to make your friends feel special and you can come up to various ideas to make things of your own. It can be done either by getting a unique gift or making good decors.

Parenting is not just about the mother but father also has a key role in bringing up the child as mother does. There are a lot of reasons why we should not neglect the dads and give them some importance if not equal.

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