Are Vitamins and Supplements Bad For You

Vitamins are considered an important part of daily meal. Majority of the people use vitamin supplements in chewable form. Vitamin pills have become a big business. From chewable tablets for kids and women essential oils to pep up your vitamins, there are huge supplements of vitamins everywhere. But have you ever thought that vitamins can actually be bad for your health? Yes it’s a fact that your daily vitamin pills can be bad for your health.

Latest researches are continuously revealing scientific facts changing our preconceived notions about various things we considered an important part of our life for many past years.A new study suggests that fish oil and its supplements are linked to high level of prostate cancer. It has been proved by new study that vitamin and its supplements can do more harm than good.

In a study which was conducted in 2010 proved that people who popped the vitamin pill were likely to suffer from heart diseases and cancer. According to study and nutritionists, intake of vitamins is good in the form of diet or natural ingredients. Moderate amount of vitamins is good in daily recommended allowance. Studies suggested that high dose could more harm than good. The team of various scientists has proved the notion wrong that vitamin supplements are the perfect path to the good health. This thing has confused people about whether they should use or avoid vitamin supplements.

Actually vitamin itself not a bad thing for you but it is bad in the form of vitamin supplement pills. Taking too many supplements and vitamin pills may indeed cause you. Now you may be thinking how and why vitamin intake can harm you.

Overdose of vitamin A results in mood swings, severe abdominal pain, exhaustion and decreased appetite. It can also lead to serious liver problems.

Vitamin D is a source of excessive calcium which can be deposited into lungs, hearts and kidneys. It may further result in kidney stones development. The drawbacks of intake of vitamin D can show results in the form of bone pain, sudden weight loss, muscle loss and extreme fatigue.

Vitamin E which is considered an important part of daily diet can also result in surprisingly unpleasant side effects. Over consumption of Vitamin E can lead to stomach cramps and diarrhea. The worst side effect of overdose of vitamin E is that it can interfere with your blood ability to clot and cause an increase risk of bleeding and people have to take help from medication to prevent bleeding.

Vitamin K has bad impact on infants. Infants are more prone to overdose of vitamin K. I must suggest you to not give excessive vitamin K supplements to your infants without any prescription by physician. Over intake of vitamin C shows symptoms like over sweating and jaundice.

Now it does not matter why intake of vitamins is bad for health. You must consider carefully your over intake of vitamins. Take a good quality supplements and eat healthy diet that is must for good health. You should take vitamin but of good quality and in moderate amount.

According to this study that vitamins themselves are not bad for health but their over consumption and bad quality which is mostly available in form of pills is bad for your health. So you must avoid over consumption of vitamins and its supplements to sta

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