Are Allergies Good For You?

To start with, it should be understood well that allergies are not good for women’s health especially if they young girls who are future mothers.

  • Allergy can be of many types and give you a hard time in some months of the season when there is plenty of pollen in the air or all year round. You may be allergic to cosmetics, food, shed skin or dust. Recognize the type of your allergy and take action against it.
  • The most common type of allergy is the dust allergy that results in sneezing, running and itchy nose, red eyes and may be wheezing. This allergy is best tackled by avoiding carpet, rugs, heavy curtains in your house as well as taking prescription or over-the-counter antihistamines.
  • Some women develop allergies to specific types of foods such as leafy green vegetables i.e. spinach and mustard leaves. Their mouth reacts by giving way to inflamed lips, swollen tongue and hurtful insides. The best solution is to avoid these foods and find a suitable replacement.

Likewise, pets such as cat, parrots etc. can be the major cause of allergy. They shed their skin which leads to asthma that can be lifelong if not intervened. Stay away from pets.

  • Some women are allergic to cosmetics. The simple solution is to buy cosmetics that are hypoallergenic.

Some women develop an allergy to the hair removing wax and each time they are exposed to it, their respiratory system reacts strongly with coughing and wheezing.

  • Pollen allergy is another common nuisance which is prevalent in autumn and spring.

The solution to all types of allergies is to see an allergist and get suitable medicines. Antihistamines are anti-allergic medicines that provide relief and prevent onset of allergic reaction to most of the causes. Likewise, allergy shots, lasting for 3 – 5 years, can be a permanent solution to women’s allergy problems.

Allergy may sound like a luxury excuse of the snobs but not only is it pretty common, it also affects children and women alike.

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