Am I Fat? Answer Your Kid The Right Way

Obese kids are bullied and made fun off at school. Among friends, overweight children are always discriminated and joked around. On the other hand, parents of obese kids face another crisis of how to deal with the innocent question asked by their kids, “am I fat”? You need to answer your kid the right way. Being angry with you child, yelling at them and making them feel “fat” will make them loose their self confidence and feel inferior.

The best way is to be honest. Do not lie to your kid. When you tell them they are a bit over weight, at the same time assure them they are also very intelligent, brilliant and beautiful. Tell them that if they wish to lose weight, you will take them for swimming or jogging in the park every day. At the same time, you need to inculcate healthy eating values to your obese kids.

Kids are mostly obese because during pregnancy, the mothers have had an unhealthy lifestyle. Instead of eating fresh fruits, fresh juices, proteins and vegetables, they opted for soft drinks, fried foods and junk foods. This diet affects the baby. Similarly, when the kids start growing up, instead of making them eat healthy and natural foods and fruits, they serve them with baby food, canned and tinned foods that make them fat.

It can be difficult to bring dietary changes in children’s diet since once they start on chips and burgers, it is difficult to divert their attention to healthier eating. Similarly, it is difficult to make children exercise. In order to bring children to lose the excess fat, try to know the sport they love most. These days, children prefer playing virtual games and play station instead of basket ball, soccer and swimming.

Take your children to the park and play a cardio sport with them. Limit the amount of cakes and desserts in their diet. Set challenges that who ever wins consecutively for three days will get a dessert. This will limit the intake of daily desserts to twice a week. Increase the intake of water in your diet and your children will follow. If you prefer soft drinks, your kids will want to have the same. It is necessary for parents to set the precedent if they want their obese kids to be slim and smart.

Do not make your kids over eat. If your child is working out, especially swimming, they will feel hungrier once they are done. At this point, eating a bar of chocolate or a packet of chips will wash away the exercise efforts done earlier the day. If your kid is hungry after a workout, replace their energy drink with homemade milk shake or fresh juices.

Sometimes overweight children are not as overweight as they seem. In the growing age, obese kids loose weight when they start getting taller. If you have obese kids, make their weight loss a team effort instead of putting extra and undue pressure on your kid alone.

Time and again, overweight children are made fun off in school. Parents face a daily challenge to make their obese kids comfortable and confident about his or her appearance.

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