Aerobics Exercise and its Benefits

What really is aerobic exercise?  Yes folks, this is the agenda for today. This should be the question right? Well, here is the answer to your query:

Close your eyes and start imagining the following visuals we’ll be heading you up to. You are exercising that makes you sweat really heard, your heart is pounding with all that thump , the blood courses through the vessels to transport oxygen in your veins, transporting through the traffic of your muscles and you could sustain this activity for more an a few minutes. Now that’s aerobics and that’s a clear picture of it painted.

Aerobics exercise a name for physical activity that improves the cardiovascular/respiratory health. In literal terms by ‘Aerobics’ it is derived as “In presence of, or with, oxygen”. When its aerobics it has a connection with increased heart and breathing rate in an optimum healthy procedure, the activity could be sustained for an extended period of time.

The examples of aerobic activities may include; walking, jogging, dancing, swimming, biking etc.

How the aerobic exercise procedure does happen?

It begins with the breathing. On average a human can exhale or inhale 7 to 8 liters of air per minute. The lungs then get filled, among which 20% of the air is oxygen. This oxygen goes through the process of filtration by tubes called bronchioles, until it reaches alveoli.

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Alveoli are the sacs where the diffusion of oxygen occurs. From there it has a straight direct course to the heart.

The four chambers of the heart need a fresh and constant supply of oxygen. The lungs provide the heart what it needs and after it’s obtained it distributes the blood oxygen and nutrients to organs, muscles and tissues. The later procedure is “oxygen consumption” This oxygen is a gain for all the cellular activities going within the system. The more the better!

If you mean to clinch a healthy / active lifestyle, aerobics exercise is your thing. Aerobics exercise is bonus to all who are keen to obtain an optimal health and below there is stated benefits for this mode of exercise:

1. Benefits to mental health

Aerobic exercise increases the level of confidence, emotional stability, memory and brain functions in an individual. Aerobic exercise according to studies have also been linked with decreasing the rate of depression , that is to some extent found in all individuals at different levels , according to different situations. Aerobics helps tackle the phase of depression by bringing chemical reactions in response to the intense physical activities, which narrows down the progression of such a stance.

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2. Benefits in response to diseases

Aerobic exercise prevents heart disease, by strengthening the heart and lungs. This is because the right amount of oxygen is supplied to the organs in a return to performance of moderate-intense physical activities. Aerobic exercise helps keep down the cholesterol level, it reduces the type 2 diabetes. It also helps developing the immune system/function. Alongside it covers the margin for those who suffer from blood pressure; this, by lowering the rate!

3. Physical benefits of aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise is your solution to burn up those calories, reduce the extra fat and get the body of your desire. It is also beneficial in toning the body’s muscles and improving the body posture.

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4. Benefits of Fitness with Aerobic exercise

Well, we have already covered the physical profits of aerobics; let’s discuss the fitness profits this exercise brings. These include the improvement in stamina building, energy generation, better sleep and handling of stress.

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So, folks this is how what aerobic exercise is like and how it helps in various ways. Increase your aerobic activity and give yourself a great kick start to health. That’s what your body demands. Happy Exercising!

Aerobic exercise is physical exercise of low to high intensity that depends primarily on the aerobic energy-generating process.

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