Adverse Effects of Self-Medication

Nobody knows why some people self-medicate their selves without a reason. The reasons of self-medication could be that some people want to escape the fees of doctors and some people are too lazy to go to some doctor or a physician. But they do not know where self-medication can lead them too. White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) reported that selfmedication problem is also found in children as they do not know what medicine to take and they just by seeing their parents they take random medicines. It may cause serious health problems to them. It is recommended that self-medicationshould be discouraged by everyone as it can lead to serious problems.

Adverse effects of self-medication
It is very common on our society that whenever we catch a cold or any common disease we have a fixed prescription for it in our mind and we do self-medication in such situations. Or we ask any of our friends and he prescribes the medicine which was effective for him. We do all such things but the most important thing that we forget in all this is going to a doctor. Adverse effects of self-medication are as follows:

With self-medication you can face the problem of insomnia. This is a sleeping disorder. This sleeping disorder is getting very common these days and one of the major reasons to insomnia is self-medication. When this problem struck you again open your medicine box and do self-medication for this problem too. This even worsens your problem.  When you do self-medication and take one type of medicine again and again you kind of get addicted to it and you also get dependent on such medicine.

Skin problems:
When you self-medicate yourself there is a probability that you will get skin problem or any other allergy due to reaction of that medicine. Skin problems that can occur due to self-medication are skin irritation, itching and redness on your skin.

People who are facing problem of depression are in a habit of taking medicines which relax them. Many people self-medicate themselves without seeing a doctor just to get relax. This habit can lead them to serious addiction of that muscle relaxing medicine and no one can deny the adverse effects of suchself-medication addiction.

Skin problems through Creams and lotions:

Self-medication does not only mean to intake any medicine. Self-medication can also be using any lotion or cream on your skin without consulting your doctor. This type of self-medication also cause number of skin problems.

Self-medication is not a very rare problem. You can find this problem even in your home. Try to avoid it as it can even lead a person to comma.

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