Add Beauty To Your Home With Scented Candles

Scented candles are a very creative and unique way to decorate your home. Candles depict romance, desire, love and fragrance while they make the atmosphere cozy and warm. The heart-touching and soul-melting fragrance of scented candles is enough to make anyone crazy. They add an aesthetic touch to your home and appear pleasant to eyes. If you have not yet experimented with scented candles, you must give them a try this year. And… by the way… it is the perfect weather to do so.

What I like best about the aromatic candles is that they are often associated with the festivals and celebrations but now you do not have to wait for the festivities to arrive because you can make each day a beautiful day. Why, having these candles serenely and creatively placed at various corners of your room, you can have the best family time or the most romantic dinner at your own place. Such a décor is known to enhance the feel of the night and the dining experience with friends, family or your spouse.

The market is swarming with richly aromatic candles and there is a huge variety in their designs, shapes and sizes to suit your home needs.  Aromatic candles seem like the in thing these days. While you go out shopping for dresses and shoes, why not shift your focus a little this time around and doll up your house nicely? Women have a craze to make their houses beautiful so I feel they will really do well with this tip.

Scented candles are a great way to replace air fresheners. Their scent lasts longer and diffuses from one room to the other within minutes of burning. Just think about it, ladies, you can save a lot of electricity and money. Sounds like a smart idea, no? You will be hailed like a true samajhdaar khatoon-e-khana not only adding a pleasing beauty and décor to your house but saving mounds of rupees as well.

Now comes the question of the types of scented candles and what you should pick. Candles possess a variety of designs and shapes. Here is my list of what candle type you should pick for various seasons.


Go for cloves, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon and cranberry. These flavors evoke memories and encourage you to make new ones.


Decorate your house with pine, evergreen, peppermint, baked apple, spiced cider and orange aromatic candles to add a touch of Christmas.


Ahhh… my favorite time of the year. Liven up this season with the fresh floral, chocolate, citrus, linen and berries etc.


Go for tropical fruits smell i.e. pears and peaches etc. There is so much variety in the fragrances that you will be surprised. If one scent has to be chosen, go for cappuccino I say.

Any other time of the year

Lavender is an all-year candle scent as it gives you happiness and relaxation. You can choose vanilla for its sweet scent or peppermint to boost energy and relieve headache. Alternatively, you can pick coffee or baked goods candles to add a homely feeling. All of them smell great.

Scented candles change the entire feel of your home. Try them and you will see the uplift of moods of your family especially for someone who is sick, convalescing or sad. Give them try ladies!

Surely we all love our homes and experiment with this and that every now and then. This time around, I have a very creative tip for you. Why not experiment with scented candles and make the neighbors envy your cute little house?

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