Acquainting kids with Ramadan

This holy and sacred month of Ramadan affects the life of Muslims all across the world.  Ramadan is full of blessings, hence every Muslim try to take benefit of it in order to adorn their after life with good deeds. In today’s busy life, Ramadan for kids stands as a pleasant reminder of Muslim traditions. Importance of Ramadan for kids is not only based on religious reasons but also because it brings a pleasant change in their social life. It gives them a chance to meet up and eat together with their friends and extended family following the Muslim mode of life.

It is very necessary for the parents to acquaint their kids with the real essence of blessed Ramadan and to teach the importance of Ramadan for kids. In Ramadan for kids whole charm lies in waking up in the middle of night to eat sehri and then a large variety of delicious dishes to eat in the evening for aftari. The responsibility falls on elders to make kids aware of the purpose of fasting. Ramadan for kids means whole family sitting together and eating a large variety of dishes. Kids have a very inquisitive mind which is filled with several questions regarding fasting. Parents must address those questions first then make them observe fast. It is not correct to enforce fasting on them but prepare them psychologically so that when they reach to age of 12, which according to Islam is the right age of fasting, they realize the importance of Ramadan and observe fasting willfully not forcefully.

Fasting gives them a feeling of being grown up. They proudly share with their friends and cousins that how many fasts they observed in the month of Ramadan. Ramadan for kids is also like a competition with their siblings or friends. Making their favorite dishes for aftari serves as a token of encouragement and appraisal as well. In the month of Ramadan, inviting their friends for aftari is also an endeavor that would encourage them. In Ramadan, parents or grand parents should keep telling small religious stories to kids so that they get to know teachings of Islam. Reciting Quran-e-Kareem and going to mosque for Tarawee with their elders also teach them about Islamic teachings.

Finally Eid-ul-Fitr is the biggest reward of all for Muslims. Kids also wait for Eid and observe fast in order to get more eidi and new clothes. Kids get attracted very easily. It is the responsibility of elders to tell them about Islamic teachings through reward system as it is the exactly same way which Allah has chosen to make us choose the right path. Parents can make Ramadan for kids’ pleasantly spiritual experience.

In today’s busy life, Ramadan for kids stands as a pleasant reminder of Muslim traditions.

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