A guide to Parenting in a Digital Age

 The era we live in is highly dangerous for youngsters. It becomes very difficult for parents to manage things and parents themselves are so busy with breadwinning and getting hold of a million other things. This kind of busy routine along with many other factors can make your child do things which can prove to be really harmful for him. 

When we thank technology for so many blessings, there is a lot that the digital age and technology have taken from us. The internet and its access through such user friendly gadgets available to our kids at homes and everywhere is another problem that parents have to deal with. Usually what happens is that health problems like weak eye sight aside, there are so many bad things that can take over a young mind that one cannot imagine.


Cyber bullying and over exposing of a child to strangers on the internet is extremely easy but parents need to be really careful of that. You do not necessarily have to tell your child of the check you are trying to keep on him or her but do tell them right from wrong. It is necessary that young children are constantly told by their parents to stay away from some things which might only sound “fun” but in reality, can damage a child’s mind.


Some parents think constant nagging is the key to success when it comes to parenting your child in a digital age. This is a highly wrong concept and parents of today should refrain from constantly telling your children especially teenagers to do something and not to do the other.


Teenagers can be worst when it comes to dealing with children in a digital age and that is the most delicate part of a parent to kid relationship. Try and build a friendly relationship with your children so they automatically start sharing their secrets with you.

Remember there is nothing bad in parents knowing about their children. Also keep an eye on who they hang out with and who they text. Texting is a big evil for many young minds as things can go crazy in no time and there is nothing much that can be done about it later on.


God forbid, even if you catch your child doing something wrong do not just confront him or her but talk to your child in the kindest and friendly manner. There are so many outlets that you can turn to and tell your kids about the alternate options that can be really fun. Be your child’s friend and not a dictator. It is good to give the children breathing space but make sure you give space which is not too bad for the kids.


Take your kids out for fun family picnics and make sure they are doing something productive with their lives. Wasting time on gadgets like tablets, laptops and cell phones can prove to be really bad and alarming. Make sure there are proper timings for usage of such gadgets and the kids are playing outside in the open. Follow these above mentioned tips and most definitely you will make things great not only for the kids but for the entire family. 


Parents have to be extremely cautious of what their child is doing and have to get a grip on their lives.

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