A few Indispensable Notes for Lawn Care

Opt for the beauty of your lawn by following the following indispensable notes. Follow them and your lawn will be given a fresh and beautiful look.

1. Make an Assessment of your lawn type combined with geographic location:

Before making a decision on the lawn care options ,assess your lawn. You have to know about the growing season so that you can decide about the time watering, the soil maintenance requisites, the lighting requirements and allied items. All these are variable from one geographic location to another.

2. Look at your lawn to find out signs of stress or decay

After you are sure about the geographic location and related intricacies, have a good look at the grass to ascertain if there is lack of water at different points or if any insects have settled there to upset the texture. Expert advice can be sought to carry out remedial measures which can even include shade of   trees, home structure overhangs which can help eliminate distress caused by the direct sun.

3. Opt for testing of soil to get over uncertainties

It is wise to look around and make a comparison with lawn of neighbors. In case their lawn is better the advice is to have the soil tested or other measures for improvement found. Soil testing will help to determine if the soil is lacking in nutrients or there is imbalance in PH levels or other natural balances could be missing. Find out if the soil needs aerating or loosening. Ensure that soil gets enough air and needed stimulants.

4. Make a good choice of the right fertilizer

It is essential to take pictures of the spotted areas of the lawn for viewing by nursery experts. Certainly the nursery guys will give you the right fertilizer. Make sure that the fertilizer can help in getting rid of the pests.

5. The Lawn has to be mowed properly

Mowing is one activity that cannot be ignored. It gives good looks to the lawn area besides yielding other advantages. Remember a dull blade lawn mower can make the lawn looks ugly. At the same time a lawn that is cut too low can help the sun rays to pierce into the roots and enable burning.

6. Get rid of Excessive dead grass

If you notice dead grass, immediately rake it so as to remove the dead grass. Once this is done ,the air and sunlight will be able to get through and healthy growth will result.

7. Keep removing weeds

In case you see occasional weeds around your summer lawn, just bend and remove by hand. The result will be magical as your lawn will look much better if you walk through it many times a week and keep pulling stray weeds. In this regard do not entirely depend upon  fertilizer and other chemical-based products.

Your lawn can give a look of beauty if these notes are followed.

Summer lawn care tips can help you prevent potential damage and prepare your lawn for the upcoming season.

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