A Cozy Living Room Spot

Sounds easy to décor a room with large space but it is nothing less than a challenge. If you think that your living room is not according to your living style then without taking risks and spending a lot of money retreat your room, spice up your living room by creating a cozy spot to spend time with your family. Arrange all decoration items, furniture and accessories in a way to provide cozy and comfortable atmosphere to the friends and families. Whether it is a small gathering or a big party, you living room must have some cozy and comfortable space.

A cozy spot in living room is that there is large and sectional sofa site with a wide screen Television and media cabinets. Balance your room with a side chair along with small table, a stylish rug and complimenting curtains. These all elements make a living room best place to enjoy some time with your family. A cozy living room spot is the place where you can enjoy watching movies along with popcorns in a comfortable and well balanced room.

Begin decorating a living room cozy spot by considering about the space. How to use space in the living room is much important. You can place a console table behind sofa that is floating behind in the middle of room. This will hide the back of sofa and also give a comfortable and stylish look to room. You can place a number of accessories of your choice on console table. Ladies are crazy about crystal decorative items and have stock of such items. So give them try on console table.

If your living room is wide and large then divide it in different sections by using room divider. You can go for a separate portion for sitting only without touch of TV lounge. Décor that portion with L shaped sofa that can also be used as room divider.

Add rug to seating area to make space more inviting. For cozy and comfortable living spot sofas must be comfortable. Light shades of sofas make your living room look more spacey and wide. A combination of light color sofa with dark color stylish wooden center table is perfect for beautiful sight and sitting in room. Place colorful and different sizes and shapes of cushions on the sofa. A number of cushions in different colors huddled together on light color sofa create an inspiring and eye catchy seating space.

Keep walls of room soft and light. Soft wall treatments give personality and soft touch to a room and make it more comfy and cozy. For making your living room more comfortable and refreshing fill the corners of the room with tall potted plants and give a touch of green to your living space. You can go for natural plants or artificial plants. If you are placing natural plants then make sure to place them in right place where adequate sunlight reach.

Keep space in room for occasional chairs that can be needed at the time of arrival of a lot of guests. Cluster individual sofas and maximum comfortable chairs to create a feeling of intimacy and encouraging conversation. Make sure that chairs you use complement the other furniture and accessories in the living room. 

Make a complete and maintained room that is perfect for hosting a big party or small get together. Spend some time with your loved ones in comfortable and cozy living room.

Want to redecorate your living room? Treat your living room by considering some important points in your mind. There must be a cozy and comfortable spot in the room to spend some moments of relaxation with your family and friends.

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