A Bathroom with Dramatic Mosaic Tile

With a newer age came in newer styles of bathroom and home makeovers. Dramatic interpretations on bathrooms can be made to look exquisitely unique and splendidly elegant. A bathroom with mosaic tile offers both with a huge room for leniency and creativity. For a woman’s bathroom her interests can be incorporated and for a man’s bathroom similar ideas can be portrayed heavily. But with a lot of room for creativity very little room is left for what may look well and what won’t.

To begin with, to make you bathroom look dramatic extended light fixtures can always come in handy. The intensity of dramatization can be increased or decreased depending on the type of light fixtures being used. To top the lights and amplify their effect one can adhere to a variety of things in addition. Something like granite tops for your sink area can give you a beautiful dramatic look. Granite slab makes a mosaic texture of its own and looks dramatic with the light fixtures.

Mosaic tiles can be played with around everything; a texture can be formed around your bathroom mirror. A heavy wooden frame with mosaic patterns of similar shades of the granite slab will double the effect. Similar lamp shades on each corner and overdone dramatic pieces to elaborate your mirrors portrayal.

A similar kind of texture can be instilled through and through your shower cabin. From the walls to the floor. A similar shaded curtain can be hung across the cabin on a curved rod. Everything can be made to look finer and dramatic with simple elements as such. If you are not interested in a straight rod or a curving rod you can flaunt your mosaic pattern in the shower cabin by using a glass door instead. When it comes to decoration a bathroom with mosaic tiles it all boils down to your budget. The more and finer you buy, the better you can make it look.

You can go for different textures of tiles from your tub area all the way down to your sink area. With bigger to smaller patterns. From darker to lighter patterns and shades of the tiles. Everything gives it a finer look, a dramatic and elegant look. A shower shelf can also prove to be of massive contribution.

On corners and different varying heights, the can be fixed either at the entrance of your bathroom or near the shower and tub area, holding all your essentials and yet giving your bathroom a dramatic outlook. With dramatization it does not always mean that you adhere to newer gadgets, newer things. Sometimes the most vintage things can make something look far more elegant and dramatic in comparison to newer things.

In this case, you can use older styled faucets and give them a newer look suitable for your bathroom. This may appear to be just a figment of your bathroom but it adds volumes of color and texture to it. Fixate the suitable style of faucet on each mosaic tile being used, wherever need be. 

You can even get similarly constructed tower racks, tissue boxes, vanities, flower vases and other minor mentionable items. To emphasize all the effort you are putting in the decoration of your dramatic bathroom, ensure you use the right paint color a darker color and shade of your wall paint can emphasize the whole outlook of your tiles and objects being used. Mix your mosaic tiles around your shower area or wherever you please. Through this you can use inexpensive tiles yet give a splendor and elegance to your dramatic bathroom. 

A tile pattern can give your bathroom a look from a Flintstones bathroom type look to a suite look with exquisite tiles. There is great room for experiments when constructing and thinking on the lines of a dramatic bathroom. You can play it safe by tiling it in a unique neat look or a rough customized look. Both will appear just as great if done well and with exquisite combinations and itemization.

Simply made bathroom designs may be something that can give a bathroom an elegant look, but if done well a bathroom with dramatic mosaic tile can be something of further elegance. With “his” and “her” demarcations, bathroom can be made to look sli

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