7 Ways To Fall Asleep Easier As a Teen

Due to overburden, teenagers have difficulty in falling asleep earlier at night. For many teenagers maintaining consistency in their sleep schedules is not always easy. Not only the teenagers but also thousands of people around the world cannot fall asleep fast. Sleeping well is vital because it improves your concentration, mood and your overall health.

Doctors recommend ten to eleven hours sleep for teenagers. Do you get enough sleep to feel great and pay attention to all work all the day?

If your answer are like most teens is yes then chances are you don’t. Taking sleeping pills is not a good option to fall asleep early so what should one do? Here are 7 basic ways to fall asleep earlier that you can use to setup regular healthy sleeping habits.

1. Never go to sleep hungry.

It would not let you sleep but only disrupt your sleep. Food gives you energy and activates the stomach muscles that keep you up. If you are more hungry then don’t eat big meal. Eat light food such as snacks in three hours before you go to bed.

2. Drink warm milk before you go to bed.

Milk is a good source of amino acid tryptophan that your body converts to melatonin and serotonin. Both of these are thought to induce sleep. Cherries are also good option for a better sleep and it has proven that cherry juice improves sleep and helps out with insomnia. Cherry has melatonin and helps you regulate your body.

3. Before going to sleep avoid coffee.

Try it; you never know if that can help you every night to go to sleep. Also avoid sugar and starches before going to bed that can really help you to put you back to sleep. Consuming sugar before going to sleep causes blood sugar to drop at night and make you wake up during the night.

4. While you are going to sleep ask yourself whether you are using appropriate bedding or not?

If it is winter season choose a warm fluffy blanket that would be comfortable for you. Add super comfy pillow to have a good sleep.

5. If you want to fall asleep faster, then you have to take a bath before sleeping.

As it raises your body temperature and drops afterwards your body becomes sleepy and you can have a better sleep. If your hair is wet then it will disrupt your sleep, so blow dry your hair if possible before going to bed.

6. Sleep is basically a lowered state of consciousness.

Try to get to sleep faster by simply focusing on the darkness when you close your eyes. Don’t think about anything that crosses your mind. Think of the things that are calm and comfortable and a source of pleasure for you. If you can master this trick it will help you fall asleep in a couple of minutes.

7. Maintaining the temperature of room is also important.

Do notice if your room is too hot or too cold? 60 degree farenheit is the ideal room temperature for a good sleep. If your room is too cold or too hot then make it normal by reducing or increasing temperature accordingly.  

A small change can make a big difference in the quality of your sleep. So get benefits from easy tips to have a good sleep at night.

Sleep is a food for brain because during sleep brain activity doubles. The following tips will help you fall asleep faster so you can be productive, mentally sharp, emotionally balanced and full of energy all the day.

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