7 Decorating Themes For A Home Make-Over

Whether you just bought a new house or want to re-do your existing place, interior decoration can be a real headache if you are not totally into it. I suggest you to love your house and give it a new look every now and then. The freshness of new theme will have a profound effect on the inhabitants. Some people I know, both men and women, absolutely love to give their house and rooms a new look time and again. Why, it is only good for you and your house. If you are confused about what theme to choose, let me help you by suggesting a few.

1. Psychedelic Theme:

This theme suits you if you are young and bold and want to bring color and fun to your house. Swirly patterns, funky furniture and colors literally enliven the feel of your house. Internet is swarming with funky stuff. Browse around for lava lamps, aquarium walls and dark lighting for corners etc.

2. Asian Theme:

This is a serene and relaxing theme which is perfect for most of the houses. You can choose this simple theme by complimenting the floors with oriental rugs. Add natural elements to your house such as bonsai plants, bamboo, flowers and rocks to project a soothing and relaxing ambience.

3. Country Theme:

Go for the country theme with English cottage-like look. Decorate your house with floral prints and fresh pastels. Alternatively you can choose the Russian-styled cottage with plaid, striped or washed-out green patters. Country homes stand out because of their wooden floors, frilly curtains, dainty rugs, displayed plates, embroidery and teacups etc.

4. Tropical Theme:

Beach lovers love this theme where they bring the version of waves, warm sunshine and sand to their house. This theme is complemented with white walls, tropical plants, wooden furniture, floaty windows and ethnic styled wood carvings.

5. Contemporary Theme:

For people who want to bring sophistication to their house, contemporary theme is the best choice. This theme works on the principle of less is more and requires very little to give it a complete look. All you need is a highlight of black color, sleek lines and sophisticated geometrical shapes.

6. Gothic Theme:

This is your theme if you have a thing for antiquity and class. This style applies dark wood paneling, tapestries, accessories with gold tones and rich red cushions stashed nicely around the room. The aim is to give a bit dark but lavish look.

7. Natural Theme:

Bring the nature to your house with natural wood furniture, leathered seats, textured wall paint and woven rugs. This look is accentuated with wrought iron lightening and antlers on the wall and cowboy gears.

Home decor has been a favorite with men and women alike. As soon as they get time, they start thinking about useful and attractive home decorating tips and ideas. There are so many things you can do with your home … all you need is a bit of fresh think

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