6 Foods and Drinks That Make You Look Older Than You Are

While sun and many superficial factors may be the prime reasons of skin aging, little do us consider if the food that we are eating has any effect on our skin. The big question is what about the food that you eat? What is inside your body also plays a role in maintaining your youthful appearance. Do you a have desire to look younger and slow aging process?

If so, then you must avoid some food items that make you older. There are plenty of foods and drinks that are making you older and you are not aware of this. Check the top six foods and drinks that are making you older than you are. If you want to look younger you have to skip these foods and drinks.

1. Spicy food:

Hot and spicy food may taste great to your taste buds and metabolism but it is bad for some people skin. Spicy food makes you older than you are. Spicy food can dilate blood vessels especially in those people who are going through menopause. Because of the capillaries skin looks less clear and youthful. Avoiding spicy food can help you in looking younger.

2. Salt:

Salt and sodium dehydrate your body and skin. Over consumption of salt can lead to high blood pressure which weakens your skin by affecting collagen. Once collagen is affected, wrinkles appear in thinned skin area around your eyes. This can make you look worn-out or tired by making your skin lose its youthful glow. Excess usage of salt not only affects the way you look but also leads to high blood pressure and kidney disease.

3. Sugar:

Bad news for those who like to eat excess of sweets is that sugar can also make them look older. Consumption of excessive sugar makes your skin stiff and inflexible. Once in the body, sugar attaches itself to the collagen and makes skin thin by eliminating the flexibility. Loss of flexibility from skin results in wrinkles and aged skin.

4. Energy drinks:

You need to avoid energy drinks as they are one of the contributing factors in making you look older than you calendar age. Studies also have shown that energy drinks can erode your teeth eight times more than regular soda. Energy drinks are rich in caffeine and sodium, both of which also negatively affect your smile by spoiling your teeth. Excessive usage of energy drinks breaks the enamel of your teeth paving way for stains.

5. Red meat:

Red meat results in serious health issues. Eating red meat more than a week is linked to wrinkling. According to research, the high level of carnatine can harden blood vessel walls causing your skin to crease prematurely. If you can’t resist yourself to eat red meat then indulge on it on a limited basis.

6. Sweet bakery items:

Doughnuts, brownies and cakes are your skin’s worst enemy. These sweet items make your skin thin, inflexible, brittle and fragile. You must avoid or restrain the use of abovementioned food items if you want to look younger.

There are plenty of food items that make you look older than you are by damaging your skin. However, there is always a safe way out.

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