5 Winter Health & Safety Tips for Kids

Here are 5 easy ways with which can promote health and safety for your child during the winter.

1. Hygiene and hand-washing are amongst the top winter healthcare tips that can keep the germs off of your child. Teach your child to be hygienic and always wash his hands before eating. Keep the soap in colorful containers so that the kid gets attracted to it. Teach your children to blend hot and cold water to get the optimum temperature. These small perks motivate your child.

2. Cover your child in layers of warm clothes to ward off the chill. Kids tend to wear light dress in winters and being a parent you have to be extra careful here. Insist and convince your child to wear long sleeves, sweaters, socks and shoes every day.

3. A lot of infections are transferred from mouth and hands. One of the winter health care tips is to tell your child to cover his mouth before coughing, yawning and sneezing. When a child learns a thing, chances are he will convey the message to his little friends and the word will spread.

4. One of the winter healthcare tips is to keep the tissue papers in the room – open and ready. Having a tissue paper ready at hand ensures that your child stays away from germs and dirtying his own clothes. Stuff your pocket with tissues when you go out. Keep the adage that an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure in your mind always.

5. When your child is sick, keep him home. Children are easily prone to fever and infections because of their weakened immunity system. Being a mother, you can always tell the energy level of your child. When he appears unwell to you, make him rest so that he does not spread germs to other kids and cook for him soup and other immunity boosting foods such as fluids, eggs, milk, porridge and fruits.

Just a few winter healthcare tips on your part and you can ready your child for the harsh cold days of winter. Let your child enjoy the winter by staying healthy and safe.

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