5 Ways To Gain Weight Fast

A lot of men and women claim that they are not in the right shape that is they do not look fresh and healthy because of them being skinny. As we all know that skinny is also totally out of fashion too, it is an excellent idea to gain some weight in order to look healthy and fresh. 5 ways to gain weight fast are easy and healthy too but, you need to be patient since any sudden and drastic changes will not be seen right after you start following the 5 ways to gain weight fast.

1) Tip number one on the list of 5 ways to gain weight fast is that you increase the intake of dairy products like milk (full cream), butter, cheese and creamy food items. This will not only be an excellent way to gain weight but will prove to be very healthy for you too.

2) Lower down the intake of vegetables and start on having meaty things when you are on the mission of 5 ways to gain weight fast. Eat eggs and meat; the meat can be chicken, beef, mutton or fish.

3) If you have not been eating deserts or sweet things, start eating them while you are doing the 5 ways to gain weight fast thing but make sure you are not going for unhealthy stuff.

4) Say YES to snacking and keep snacks that are healthy for you around you at all times. You can munch nuts, muffins and other things like this. Always keep in mind that snacking does not mean that you start having junk food because that is unhealthy for all of us. There are many snacks that are helpful for gaining weight and are not bad for your health too. Get a grab on only those snacks as they are a big help when it comes to 5ways to gain weight fast.

5) Go for workouts and exercises that build up muscles so that you can gain weight and look fit at the same time. Gaining weight does not mean that you have a bulging tummy or flabby body. This is an excellent tip when it comes to 5 ways to gain weight fast. You can look fit too and not unhealthy or unnecessarily fat at all.

It is often mistaken that gaining weight is quite easier than losing it. This is a wrong concept and gaining weight can also take time just like losing it. There are many vitamins and supplements in the form of syrups and capsules which you can make a part of your breakfast in order to gain weight and stay healthy too. Set up a target or yourself before you start following the 5 ways togain weight fast accordingly for example calculate how many kilos or pounds would you want to gain in how many days.

Try out the above mentioned simple 5 ways to gain weight fast and you will stay healthy and gain the right amount of weight in no time, only if you are strict enough to follow the weight gain routine mentioned above. Eat in portions all days long. Increase the amount of fresh juices and milky drinks like milk shakes and full fat smoothies.

Enjoy all the yummy and healthy stuff around you. It is often said that eat whatever you like and if anyone stops you eat them up too! So all you lucky people out there who are up for the mission of 5 ways to gain weight fast, enjoy while you can, and eat. Stay healthy stay happy!


Some people are often heard saying that they are in a trouble of not gaining weight. In order to have some curves and a healthy and fresh looking face gaining the right amount of weight is necessary. Here are five ways to gain weight rapidly.

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