5 Tips To Care For Expensive Oil Paintings

Oil painting is a form of art that attracts everyone and also disseminate an aura of freshness and art in a home or office. Owning oil paintings is a matter of pride. Selecting a perfect oil painting depicts your standard, taste of art, your thinking and most important your creativity.

Oil paintings are usually bit expensive but enhance the beauty of any wall. But many times we forget to take care of oil paintings. These paintings also require your attention as you pay on others things in your home. To make it long lasting and duration you will require some tips.

Preserving the oil paintings is not at all a difficult task but you have to dedicate you little attention. I would suggest you some handy tips which you must follow to keep your oil paintings durable and long lasting without any sort of damage.

1. Selection of appropriate place

The most important thing to take care of your oil paintings is to select an appropriate place or room. Paintings are usually displayed at the best place at home where they get maximum attention of viewers. The primary cause of damage to oil paintings is the display of paintings in inappropriate place.

While selecting right place for painting make sure that room has proper lighting. Keep paintings away from direct exposure to sunlight, fireplaces and bright overhead lights. Also make sure that the wall that you choose for hanging a painting is not damped or moist as all these conditions tend to damage the oil paintings.

2. Hang the painting

Before you hang the painting make sure that hook is fixed appropriately and strong so that painting does not fall and gets damaged. Always choose strong hooks instead of regular nails.

3. Handle with care

Whenever you need to clean the painting; handle it carefully. Always handle the frame without touching the surface of paintings with hands. Use smooth and dry cloth for cleaning and don’t forget to wash and dry your hands before touching oil painting. It will prevent moisture from damaging the painting.

4. Cleaning of painting

The painting should be pampered but not regularly. Cleanliness of an oil painting should not be the part of daily cleanliness. Clean painting only when required. For cleaning the front of painting use a brush with soft bristles such as a tooth brush or shaving cream brush to remove dust from the painted surface.

You can also use a soft fiber as alternate to brush as the painting should be cleaned in a soft manner instead of harsh treatment. The painting that has loose flaking paint should not be dusted as fragments of paint could be dislodged and swept away. Don’t forget to clean the back of painting. The back of the painting can also be cleaned by using the similar brush itself.

5. Expert assistance

If you observe any damage on painting like yellowing or insect infestation, you must contact a restorer for restoration. Be observant and careful. Sometimes bubbles appear on paintings. They are the indication of damage. Contact any expert.

Do you want to preserve your expensive oil paintings long lasting? Here are five tips to care for expensive oil paintings. These tips will surely assist you in not only cleaning the paintings but also the maintenance of oil paintings in your home.

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