5 Things To Keep In Your Diet For 2014

Everyone has different New Year resolutions, many people wish to have lot of money, some wish to have successful career but there are very few who focus on health. Some people New Year resolution is that they will quit some bad habits such as smoking and drinking and some says they will lose weight. 

There are many things which make us fat and one must concentrate more on what to eat and what to avoid. Here we will talk about 5 things to keep in your diet for 2014 and these 5 things are full of nutrients.  Access of everything is bad, but some foods are that much important for the health that without them one cannot have a healthy lifestyle.

  1. One of the 5 things to keep in your diet for 2014 is whole grain. In Pakistan, everyone eat whole grain and it is the part of our diet, the meal is incomplete without it. Whole grain is full of energy and nutrients. It is full of fibers which is really important for health. Fibers are very important when you take meal as it makes you feel that you are full and it help to reduce the risk of blood pressure and other harmful diseases. Now everything is available in whole grain such as bread, pita bread and even bakery items. Start eating and feel the difference. 

  2. One of the most important out of 5 things to keep in your diet for 2014 is protein diet in the breakfast. The diet which has proteins in it is good for the system; it actually keeps you energetic all day long. There are many things which are full of proteins such as eggs, yogurt, butter, avocado, nuts such as peanuts. One must take these things in the start of the day. Protein diet doesn’t even make you fat; it actually makes your body healthy. People who are diet must always have a breakfast full of protein diet so that they may feel fresh and full of energy. 

  3. Fruits are very important for a healthy lifestyle. 5 things to keep in your diet for 2014 are good seasonal fruits. In Pakistan, each fruit is available according to the season. Fruits make your system looks fresh and healthy. One can skip lunch and have fruit. Fruits are the treatment of much disease such as constipation, headache and fever. Fruits are full of energy and full of vitamins which are necessary for the body. Anything that is natural which benefit your body as long as you don’t eat it too much. Fruits make your system run efficiently and it is the best thing to eat as it natural. 

  4. Life is incomplete without eating sweets. One of the 5 things to keep in your diet for 2014 is eating sweets.  It is natural that we all have sweet tooth and after dinner we all want to have little sweet to satisfy our sweet tooth. Don’t eat too much it is harmful for health. Eat things such as ice cream, chocolates, milk shakes, cakes, donuts, frozen yogurt and not the least dark chochalte. Some desserts are very tempting so eat them once a week; it is good to eat it. Don’t eat these sweets before going to bed always eat them prior to it to stay healthy and smart. 

  5. One cannot miss to eat vegetables and pulses. The 5 things to keep in your diet for 2014 are vegetables and pulses, as pulses have equivalent energy as meat has. Vegetables are good source of fiber and help to protect against diseases. Vegetables and pulses have low calories so they help us to look smart and you stay active. Green vegetables are full of iron and potassium which is important for the body.  These vegetables and pulses are the gift of God, so one must eat them more to stay healthy and smart.


Health is wealth so this year decides 5 things to keep in your diet for 2014, as a New Year resolution. Eat things which are full of nutrients and stay from those food which is bad for health.

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