5 Best Pilates Routines

Pilates is a very effective way to build up your body and put it in proper shape. Developed by a German born trainer, Joseph Pilates, the exercise is basically a series of controlled movements which improves flexibility, strength and balance and enables your body to me fit and healthy. It is not a therapy but a series of workout that are considerably useful. 

For this particular routine of Pilates it is essential that your hips remain in a resting and imprinted position. You should be in this place whenever you have legs lifted in a tabletop position as it helps to shield the lower back and makes it feasible to employ the abdominals

1. Criss Cross:

You need to begin by interlacing your fingers and putting them behind the head. Place your lower back onto the surface mat and lift the legs one at a time into a tabletop position. Inhale to get ready and coil up into a chest lift arrangement to begin the exercise.

Twist your upper body towards the left, taking your right elbow towards the left knee and permit your right leg to lay straight and exhale.

Inhale to fetch your legs back to the tabletop and your body through centre to the chest lift. Exhale to twist to the other side.

Perform 8 to 10 times each side, alternating.


2. Chest lift:

Keep your hands behind your head. Lie down on your lower back on the mat and lift your legs one at a time to tabletop position. Keep the legs bent with your feet placed flat on the floor. Now curl up your upper body with the head, neck and shoulders. Inhale at the peak and exhale to gradually relax the upper body down to the initial position.

Repeat 8 to 10 times.


3. Toe Taps:

Lie down on your back with your legs bent up and feet flat on the floor. Raise your legs one at a time to a tabletop position. You shall have your knees placed right above the hips. Inhale to prepare and, as you exhale, start to knock one toe towards the ground, moving from the thigh. Inhale to pick up the leg back to the start position. Stay away from arching the back by keeping the waist in and only go as much as you feel easy.

Perform 10 to 12 on each side.


4. Single Straight Leg Stretch:

Begin with your legs in a tabletop position and your upper body lifted and curled up into a chest lift. Lengthen one leg straight up towards the ceiling and place your hands behind the back of your leg. Pull out the other leg straight on the mat until it might just start to hover. Scissor the legs by switching sides.

To make the exercise more powerful, put your hands behind the head, still staying lifted, and keep scissoring the legs.

Perform 8 to 10 times each side, alternating.


5. Assisted Roll up:

Begin with your legs in tabletop and the hands holding your thighs. Exhale to curl up with your upper body and continue to roll up through the body until you are properly in a sitting position.

As you are sitting, inhale to extend the vertebrae and put your feet down on the mat. Exhale to lie back while tucking your tailbone under and start to roll back down slowly so you are lying on your back.


Best way to have a simple home work out is to do Pilates. It is very effective to maintain body strength. Find out how.

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