3 Tips For Safe Bath Time

It is the best feeling in the world when you become a mother or father. These beautiful feelings are difficult to express. Babies of all ages get messy as babies dribble milk into creases of neck, spit up all over and often coat themselves with food. It is important to bathe your baby regardless of how old your baby is. It is hard decision to find the best time for baby bath.

As baby safety and care is the first and main concern of every parent, itt is important to keep your baby as safe as possible during bath time. Caution is a must. You don’t need to bath your new born baby daily. Make a good experience of bathing for you and your cute baby. Share special time with your baby by bathing. I would suggest you three valuable tips that you must follow when you take your baby for bath. Follow these tips for safe bath time of your baby and make strong bonding and beautiful memories.

Temperature of Water and Surrounding Environment:

The most important point to keep in mind is to notice the temperature of your surrounding and water as well. Baby’s body loses heat very quickly especially when naked. Make sure that temperature of bathroom is warm enough before you get started. Before placing your baby in bath tub, check the temperature of bath water. The new born baby is the delicate creature of Almighty ALLAH. The water temperature should neither be too cold or too warm.

Baby skin is very sensitive so keep your baby safe by keeping the temperature of tub water normal. Do remember that temperature of water should never exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Test the temperature of water with your elbow or the inside of your wrist as these parts of body are more sensitive than your fingertips. You can test temperature of water by using rubber ducks with change color which change color in hot water and you can also use special thermometers.

Never Leave Your Baby Unsupervised:

Don’t place your baby while water is running in the tub. Temperature of water coming out of faucet can change suddenly as it can be too hot or too cold. Don’t let your baby touch the faucet handles him/herself. Place your baby gently into the tub by holding securely by putting your one arm under her head.

Give your baby sense of security by holding him with your hand. Never ever leave your baby unsupervised even for a second in bath tub. Children can drown even in an inch of water in a matter of minute. Have all things ready in advance before bath like towel, toiletries, clothes, soap and diaper so that you have no problem after bath.

Be Cautious and Pay Attention:

Bath time is special time for a mother to share with her baby. Though, it is a time of caution. When you are bathing your baby, clear all things from sides of bath tubs. Anything can hit your baby so it is vital to keep the hazards out of reach of children. Be extra careful while applying soap on baby neck, face and ears. When massaging scalp, use finger pads and massage gently and softly. When it comes to cleaning private parts, use soft cloth, gentle soap and lukewarm water to clean them.

Do you know what time is best for your baby bath? Do you know what things to remember when it comes to your baby bath and his safety? Though being a mother, it is your duty to make bath time fun and safe for your baby.

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