3 Tasty Kids Veggie Meal

It is a difficult task to prepare children to eat vegetables. Most of children do not like to eat vegetables and this thing makes mothers worry. Are you one of those mothers who run after your kids all the time while holding plate of veggie meal? You don’t have to worry about it.

Here you will find simple tricks to sneak vegetables into their diet. The kid friendly veggie meal will keep vegetable unnoticed while making the meal delicious and mouthwatering. These dishes are worth in including some necessary nutrients in your child’s diet.

Confetti Corn Pudding:

Make a kid-friendly, confetti-curn-pudding. For making yummy and colorful confetti corn pudding you will require:

Eggs 2
Flour ¼ cup
Butter 2 tbsp
Heavy cream ¼ cup
Salt as per taste
Pepper (cored and diced) ¼ cup
Onion (chopped) 3 tbsp
Cooking Spray as per taste


It is necessary to preheat oven to 350 degree. Prepare baking dish. Take a shallow nine inch pie plate and spray it with cooking spray.

Beat eggs, flour and butter, salt and cream in a large bowl. After blending, add corn, pepper and onion and stir to combine. Then pour into prepared baking dish. Bake it for 35 minutes and serve.

Green and White Pizza:

Pizza is one of favorite dishes of kids. How about making a healthy vegetable pizza for your picky eater? Make green and white pizza which is full of health and taste. Give your kid’s taste buds a new and delicious taste of pizza with beautiful blend of white and green hue.

Spinach (fresh) 5 oz
Salt as per taste
Pepper as per taste
Water 2 tbsp
Pizza Crusts 2 (mini)
Garlic Powder ½ tbsp
Shredded reduced Fat Mozzarella ½ cup
Olive Oil 1 tbsp
Skim Ricotta 1 cup


Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. Take fresh spinach and cook it by sprinkling water for two minutes and drain cooked spinach well. 

Take a small bowl and mix garlic powder and skim ricotta. Place pizza crusts on baking sheet. Make sure baking sheet is ungreased. Spread ricotta mixture on each of the crust of pizza. Not top each crust with cooked spinach and mozzarella.  Drizzle with olive oil. 

Bake for ten minutes until cheese melts. Serve the white and green pizza with your child’s favorite sauce.

Cheesy Vegetable Scramble:

Try to feed your kids plenty of veggies they like. Make cheesy vegetable scramble. It is best for a healthy breakfast of your kid. Ingredients for making cheesy vegetable scramble are:

Butter 1 tbsp
Reduced Fat Mozzarella   1 tbsp
Scallion (thinly sliced) 1 tbsp
Pepper (red or green)      1 tbsp
Asparagus (thinly sliced)   1 tbsp
Eggs  2
Salt as per taste


First of all melt butter in small skillet then add vegetables, salt and pepper. Cooked over medium heat for three minutes and stir it frequently. Crack eggs in skillet and scramble into vegetables. Sprinkle on cheese and cooked it until eggs are cooked and cheese has melted.

Serve this cheesy vegetable scramble with toast or muffins in breakfast. It would be healthiest breakfast for your kid. Kids would love these above mentioned recipes. Mommies, prepare these easy foods for your kids in a minimum time and provide maximum nutrients.

Here are three simple tasty vegetables meal’s recipes that are kid’s friendly and mother friendly as well. Provide your kids all necessary nutrients by sneaking a healthy dose vegetables into their diet.

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