10 Sweet Reasons Chocolate Is Good For You

The most amazing of all the edibles in the world, every girls and every child’s all time favourite are the best tasting sweet that is chocolate. It is important for us to know the reasons for this which chocolate is known to be one of the most favourite sweets of the majority. The ten most awesome reasons why chocolate is good.

  1. Yes one of the best things about the chocolates is that it contains tryptophan a chemical that is considered to be an antidepressant as it produces neurotransmitter, serotonin which produces the effects by increasing the levels of happiness in general. So who wouldn’t want more of chocolates and more of happiness being complementary with them?
  2. Yet another chemical called phenylethylamine that produces high levels of neurotransmitters that promote the feeling of attraction, excitement and giddiness. This stimulating chemical stimulates the brain’s pleasure centres and reaches for the extremes of the feelings. For guys this is a tip to get the ladies attracted to them. Get them chocolates and they will love it.
  3. Chocolate fights the heart diseases because it prevents the clotting that occurs in the vessels. Along with the good feelings chocolate gives you it also protects your heart. What more can a person ask for?
  4. Yes chocolate structures and chocolate is considered to make every age group excited. All those who are a fan of a salty-snack should recall how the world’s tallest chocolate structure was unveiled in October 2006 at NYC’s Schwarz. It was 20 feet tall and made of 2285 pounds of chocolate. This cannot be done with any other salty snack.
  5. For all those who have a lady expecting a baby, they should consider their chocolate cravings as a warning for anemia. The reason is that chocolate contains iron and this may be the way the body is giving a signal for the low levels of iron. Yes! Chocolate bars are good for the baby.
  6. One more benefit of chocolate is to ease up the symptoms of PMS. Chocolates contain calcium and magnesium which are the elements of milk as well. So all the ladies who have the bad times going on in the routine life should get hold of a chocolate bar or a chocolate cake and a big glass of milk to ease up the things in life.
  7. Chocolate obviously has sugar and caffeine; a perfect combination to bring all the good feelings in the world to you in the form of a chocolate bar.
  8. Why does a woman have more average life than a man; one of the reason can be chocolate and the research done by Harvard university in 1999 proved this fact. As the researchers tracked 8000 men and found those who ate chocolate to live almost a year longer than those who didn’t.  Trade a chocolate bar for prolonging the life span.
  9. Chocolate is a viable alternative energy source. May be we can meet the world’s energy needs by chocolate bars.
  10. The most amazing and awesome scientific fact about chocolates is that cocoa butter melts at 97 oF that is even below body temperature. So chocolates actually melt in your mouth. Isn’t it one of the most interesting facts for all those who are in love and need some excitement in their love life.

Chocolate is known to be one of the most favourite sweet that every girl every child and all human beings love in different forms. Have we ever tried to see what benefits does a chocolate bar has.

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