10 Reasons To Have Sound Sleep

No one can underestimate the importance of sleep. If a person lives to old age, he spends 30 years of his life in falling asleep. But you ever think of the question that why do we sleep. What can sleep do in your life?

Do you want to know the answer why should we sleep? If you are getting less sleep than the recommended seven or eight hours of sleep at night, here are ten reasons that will compel you to turn off lights and go to bed an hour early daily.

1. Less pain

If you have acute injury and have chronic pain, sleep will help in reducing pain. Enough sleep actually makes you hurt less. But unfortunately, it can be hard to sleep when you are being in pain. According to some researchers having sound sleep can be effective like medicines for pain.

2. Safety 

Sound sleep also helps you to keep safe from notorious disaster. Deprivation of sleep can cause drowsy driving and can cause a number of accidents. You also have to face household accidents due to lack of sleep that can sometimes have serious consequences.

3. Better for health

Enough sleep boosts your immune system but insufficient sleep can lead you to severe health problems like heart disease, diabetes, obesity and heart attacks. In some case, health risks by deprivation of sleep become serious after some years. Get proper sleep also help you to fight against cancer.

4. Powerful decision making

Lack of sleep is also associated with poor decision making power. It has also been proved by research that sleepiness has serious impact on the ability to make effective decisions. If you are facing problem in making decision make sure that you are well rested.

5. Manage stress

Sleep helps you in managing stressful situations. Lack of sleep can result in moodiness, anxiety, aggression which increase stress level.  Enough sleep not only helps you in reducing stress but also help you to ready to cope with stressful situation in day to day life.

6. Save you from obesity

Lack of sleep has a close link to weight gain. It has been showed by study that overweight people has less sleep than normal weight people. Sleep deprivation affect our body process and store carbohydrates and also alter levels of hormone that affect appetite. Insufficient sleep cause obesity so if you don’t want to be overweight you must have adequate sleep.

7. Improve learning and memory

Get a good night sleep helps in improving memory and learning capabilities. Sometimes memory problems can be the result of inadequate sleep. Sleep help brain commit new information to memory via a process called memory consolidation. To improve your learning capabilities and good memory, take proper sleep.

8. Better sex life

Improper sleep can disturb your sex life. Studies have suggested that for better love life, sufficient sleep is necessary.

9. Mood

Sleep loss also results in restlessness, irritability, impatience, lack of self control, inability to concentrate and moodiness. It also makes you feel tired all the time and you cannot concentrate you work. In this way, it can affect you professional as well as personal life.

10. Save you from day dreaming

Everybody dreams every night. Dreams are actually expression of our subconscious thoughts and conscious experiences. But if you are not getting sound sleep at night, you may start to dream while awake.

Proper sleep can bring surprising changes in your life. You sleep but do you actually know what sleep does for us? I have made a list of ten reasons which will help you in understanding the importance of sleep.

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