Zara Shahjahan Summer Lawn Collection 2019

Zara Shahjahan presents the flamboyant Lawn Collection of 2019 that are Parizeh, Jacquard, Shaam and Gul to give colorful and fascinating look to your appearance.

Zara ShahJahan presents lawn collection of 2019 which includes "Parizeh", the delicate flower, blooms amongst the towering majestic cacti that adorn the Marrakeshi landscape. Then the jacquard is woven from finely milled cotton, cool and crisp even in the blazing heat, and embellished with a minimal rendering of Zara Shahjahan booti.

This design is a timeless classic, luxurious in its restrained elegance. As the day sets, the sights and sounds of the Medina take on a different character: the colors seem more romantic; one is drawn to the enchanting golden light that gives it a new life. "Shaam" embodies this life, an understated evening ensemble that will draw all eyes to you.

When designing this collection, it was sought inspiration from the Islamic art of Morocco, including its historic pottery: this can be seen in Gul, with it’s a combination of an elaborately shaded pattern overlaid with floral embroidery, making it a design first for Zara Shahjahan.

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