Rizwan Beyg ‘Pearlessence’ Couture Collection at Pantene HUM Showcase 2019

Against the historic backdrop of Hyderabad’s historic Talpur Mir mausoleum, Rizwan Beyg presents ‘Pearlessence’, a collection that pays ode to the three decades that he completes this year as Pakistan’s pioneering designer. This is couture in its true essence, painstakingly crafted by hand, reflective of Rizwan’s eye for detail and the impeccable finesse of his construction. It is also a collection that is synonymous with the designer’s longstanding passion for seeking out and reviving indigenous craft techniques, translating them into sustainable designs and seamlessly taking them from rural to the runway.

True to its name, ‘Pearlessence’ is dominated by a retinue of assorted pearls with dainty thread embroideries and sequins wound about them. These embellishments have been handcrafted by artisans living in Southern Punjab, working under the directions of BUNYAAD, a project founded by Rizwan which is dedicated to following the guideline, ‘Changing lives … one stitch at a time’.

The embroideries are splayed out a monochromatic ivory canvas, with silhouettes flitting between tradition and modernity: lehngas, fitted bodices splaying downwards into mermaid skirts, hybrids of the trouser, the eternally classy kurta and the exquisitely tailored button-down shirt with oversized pockets.

Far from the commercially gaudy realms of modern-day apparel, there is a refined elegance to ‘Pearlessence’. It is a collection that refrains from following the latest fads, dedicated instead to timeless heirloom pieces meant to be worn with love and cherished forever. Quintessential Rizwan Beyg.

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