Latest Lawn Collection 2011 by Hira Lari

The themes include Seaweed, which is a fusion of vibrant and exotic colors found deep down the ocean.

  • Butterfly is a lively combination of different colors and patterns.
  • Safari is created by using animal prints but with a vivacious twist to make it appealing to special customers.
  • Silk Flower is a mixture of tranquilizing colors of silk paints to give an outstanding identity.
  • Antique Paisley is a traditional mélange of earthy tones. 
  • Glamour is all about fascination.
  • Colorful Stripes is the classic combination of black and white with contrasting colors to give a chic and trendy look.
  • Evolution is a whirlpool with tonal shades of sapphire and topaz.
  • Daisy is all about delicacy and artistry of Persian art.
  • Floral gives the feel of fairytale with a touch of shimmer to give you an enchanting look.
  • Ethnic Motif is inspired by ethnicity of our culture.
  • Fusion is a blend of contemporary art with silk paints to create a bold and zesty look.


Hira Lari lawn collection 2011, which was launched on the 8th of April at PC hotel by Afroze Textiles, is comprised of 12 designs. Each one of them is based on a particular theme taken from different aspects of life.

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