Hira Ali Bridal Collection “Amour De Soi” – A Declaration of Self-love

Hira Ali Studios presents its latest Summer'19 couture collection, Amour de Soi – an ode to being true to one's self.

Hira Ali – Creative Director at Hira Ali Studios, is known for her audacious approach to fashion, femininity and feminism. She created a collection that celebrates the modern woman in her many faces and facets, featuring unique embellishments using numerous techniques and countless stitches that add dimension and depth to elaboration. Hira explores distinctive techniques of artistry, redefining cuts and colour combinations with her eclectic outlook and her couture has refreshing pieces which is fashionably wearable.

Sharing the inspiration behind her collection, Hira said: “The classical Hira Ali design aesthetic is minimal and edgy whilst being feminine and luxuriously elegant. I was very inspired by the concept of ‘Amour de soi’ and wanted to provide an alternative perspective towards approaching bridals through this capsule collection. The Hira Ali Woman is strong, confident and does not need approval of others to define her self-worth. She possesses Amour de soi, being able to love yourself and value yourself regardless of other’s opinions.”

Amour de Soi – the inspiration behind this collection, is a philosophical concept of Jean-Jacques Rousseau that refers to self-love and predates the appearance of society. Amour de Soi can only be understood in comparison to Amour propre; the kind of self-love that makes us value ourselves over the opinions of others. In comparison Amour de soi is a much more primitive sense of the concept of self-love, since it does not depend on competition, pertains much more to the self and one’s own opinion.

True to Hira’s philosophy of presenting reformist fashion, the collection presents silhouettes that are modern, creating fashion that does not limit wearers but rather creates a coming together of tradition, splendor and contemporary style.

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