Egyptian Cotton Collection 2013 by Shariq Textiles

The fashion designers play a pivotal role in distributing fashion information amongst fashion adopter. It requires strong business skills, creativity, differentiation, knowledge of current fashion trends, strong visualization abilities and a good eye for materials specially fabrics.
Shariq Textiles finest cotton collection has opened new avenues for growth in this Fashion industry. Bringing on view what is most demanded and worn by women showed the careful contemplation on the part of creative team in scheming eye catching designs, motifs, textures and patterns with multi colors.
The brand has targeted women with the most hot in styles of eastern clothing with long A line shirts set in line with Qlots, straight pants, trousers and shalwars. The fabric is premium in quality and finest cotton is produced to stuff ones that is idyllic for the continuing seasonal events. The outfits have been festooned with the patchwork and thread embroidery, decorative laces, gotta etc. the colors mostly unified includes orange, navy blue, mustard, black , emerald green , ruby red, hot pink, ash whites and many more. 
The cotton collection aesthetically reveals how prettily colors work together on the complementary fabrics. Designers also must be able to put their ideas on paper, either with hand-drawn sketches or with computer-aided design programs. In general, fashion designers need an aptitude for graphic art and design. The outfits exhibit a sense of style and have the inventive appeal to dream up fashion trends. Shariq Textiles fashionable 2013 Egyptian cotton Collection” shows unique selling proposition by developing new designs from old trends. Due to the exclusivity observed and admired by the customers, the Shariq Textiles has been marked as one of the most desired and yet one of the auspiciously adored mills inside the fashion sphere of Pakistan.

Propelled Shariq Textiles exclusive Egyptian cotton collection for women across the world. The collection is uniquely stylized in different clothing forma.

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