Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe

TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe, Britain’s most celebrated hair-styling brand, announced its association with Pakistan’s top fashion platform-Fashion Pakistan Week for its sixth edition.

TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe bought its latest styling trends at Fashion Pakistan Week -6 by showcasing its premier looks Classic, Casual and Glamour through leading designers Maheen Karim, Sadaf Malatere and Shehla Chatoor to bring the wardrobe to life using celebrities as their muse. The styling is being done by the Artistic Director of TONI&GUY, Saeeda Mandviwalla.

Day-2 comprised of Toni&Guy red-carpet featuring Maheen Karim with the Classic Looks. Maheen Karim’s evening wear is the epitome of Classic Glamour. The brand adorns numerous Pakistani & Foreign celebrities in elegant and universal ensembles with emphasis on luxury, quality and a universal silhouette. Toni&Guy Hair Meet wardrobe capsule collection is timeless and makes the confident woman of today stand apart from the crowd.

First day comprised of Toni&Guy featuring Shehla Chatoor presenting the Glamour Range. Brand Shehla has always been associated with edgy and impactful ensembles, so it was a perfect match for Toni&guy’s HMW glamour range to represent the brand philosophy. The idea behind this capsule collection is to show that with the right imagination and creative genius, Shehla knows how to bring together various elegance and GLAMOUR worthy of a red carpet wardrobe.

Perfection happens when the right things come together, bringing hair and wardrobe together from catwalk shows to the client we do it in perfect synergy from TONI&GUY creative Director and Hair meet wardrobe with TONI&GUY products. The thought process that Saeeda Mandviwalla (Creative Art Director TONI&GUY – KARACHI PAKISTAN.)

The largest TONI&GUY and only purpose built salon in the world is right here in our city Karachi. The full service salon, which is truly an architectural masterpiece, offers all types of salon services for men and women – Saeeda quoted "My vision was to give all the girls and guys out there the products, tools and techniques to stay on trend and blend wardrobe with hairstyles, from head to toe or root to tip." The Toni&Guy trend show was choreographed by Frieha Altaf. Ayesha Omer was the show stopper for Maheen Karim’s show.

TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe bought its latest styling trends at Fashion Pakistan Week -6 by showcasing its premier looks- Classic, Casual and Glamour through leading designers.

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