Samsung Pakistan Selfie Revolution at Kensington Palace

We have all befallen posing into our front cameras taking endless selfies capturing what we do every day in our lives. The same craze took over at Fashion Parade as models, designers, business tycoons and fashionistas were drawn to the Samsung Galaxy S selfie wall capturing all that happened at the event. The selfie craze is in full force, amplified by the popularity of Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and more.

With the advent of front cameras in smart phones, selfies have become a convenient alternative of capturing special moments. The social media generation has made the word so popular that it is now listed as a recognized term in the Oxford Dictionary.

Following this latest trend, Samsung set up a revolutionary open air photo kiosk that was an instant hit at the Fashion Parade at Kensington Palace. With its much improved front camera and increased mega pixels, Samsung Galaxy S5 captures moments of your everyday life like never before. The increasing popularity of visual content heavy platforms such as Instagram and Snap chat have carried Selfies to its peak. And businesses should take advantage of this to break out of the contest monotony.

From celebrities to models everyone at the high end fashion event seemed to be attracted to the selfie wall where images taken at the event were being uploaded instantly. Brands that want to create positive associations can now take advantage and ride on the Selfies trend and make an impactful attempt at creating their desired brand associations. From Cricketers to fashionistas, from Singers to business tycoons, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the selfie wall taking the chance to shine on the Samsung Galaxy S5 wall.  

In this very way Samsung Galaxy S5 photo wall became an instant hit capturing moments of high energy and excitement amongst the audience attending the event.

Several renowned names were seen taking selfies at the red carpet of Fashion Parade London 2014.

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