NUR Student Leadership Program Celebrated Its 19th Annual Closing Ceremony

NUR Student Leadership Program (NSLP) celebrated its 19th annual closing ceremony of the internship program on Saturday 23rd August 2014. The closing ceremony which infused the spirit of unity, faith and discipline was held at the General Attique-Ur-Rehman Auditorium at Fatima Memorial Hospital and celebrated the spirit of being a Pakistani as a nation. The program has been developed to inculcate a spirit of nationalism for their country and empathy for their fellow countrymen in the interns. 

The Closing ceremony began with the National Anthem followed by brief presentation on NUR Foundation and Fatima Memorial System which shared the work that the team has done over the past 36 years. The ceremony also featured interns sharing their experiences, certificate distribution and two plays performed by the interns and the students of the NUR Foundation School respectively. 

Speaking at the closing ceremony, Shahima Rehman, Founder, President Nur Foundation and Chairperson Executive Committee Fatima Memorial System said “It gives me great pride to see NSLP reach its 19th year; Through this program we hope that the interns leave with a sympathetic understanding of the problems Pakistan faces and start to think how they can be part of the solution and not the problem. To understand the moral values necessary to become leaders who would lead as they serve: in other words to become Steward Leaders or vicegerents of God.

The Chief Guest of the ceremony was Naseem Anwar; mother of Naila Anwar, a resident of Nainsukh, Lahore who became a part of the NUR Community Outreach Program (NCOP) in 1998 as a mushroom farmer. Naila Anwar was educated at the NUR Foundation School and today after completing her education is a coordinator at NCOP

Since 1995, NUR Student Leadership Program has been working as a catalyst to bring about a change in the mindset of the youth by bringing to them a firsthand experience faced by the under-privileged members of society.  

The program enrolls the highest number of interns and utilises most advanced and modern strategies of learning. More than any academic subject, moral values, ethics, social responsibilities, empathy, patience and tolerance are cultivated as these values build a strong foundation to ethical and intellectually developed societies. As a part of the internship curriculum students are required to visits sub urban and rural areas around Lahore where the NUR Community Outreach Program provides healthcare, vocational training and education at grass root level.

The NUR Student Leadership Program is run by Mrs. Zareen Ijaz Advisor to Chairperson & Director NUR Student Leadership Program, Ehsan Gul Sher – Project Manager of NUR Student Leadership Program & Iqra Nasim – Internship Coordinator.

NUR Student Leadership Program NSLP celebrated its 19th annual closing ceremony of the internship program on Saturday 23rd August 2014

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