Launch of Markings Publishings Fifth Title Deliciously Yours by Lal Majid

Markings Publishing proudly presented their fifth title, ‘Deliciously Yours’ by leading Pakistani chocolatier Lal Majid of the eponymous Lals Chocolate. Following the successful launches of a diverse portfolio of previous titles including ‘BHV Zoo – Life at Bahawalpur Zoo’ by Amean J, ‘Mrs. Azra Syed’s Pakistan Cooking’, ‘Dou Rukh’ by acclaimed photographers Arif Mahmood and Tapu Javeri and ‘The Cave’, ‘Deliciously Yours’ was Markings Publishing’s first ever dessert book title launched.

‘Deliciously Yours’ is a manifestation of Lal Majids’ childhood passion for chocolate and all that it represents. In 2010, she opened the doors to her first stand-alone luxury chocolate boutique in Karachi following years of cultivating her craft through classes and baking. She has rapidly expanded the Lal’s brand to Lahore and to several other locations in Karachi and it is now a Pakistani chocolate institution, where each piece of chocolate is a reflection of Lal’s artistry.

Indeed at Lal’s she is the head chocolatier and artist creating chocolate confectionery including truffles, molded pieces, bars and patisserie products such as brownies, cakes, tarts, soufflés and croissants. Following a philosophy of celebrating life and its beauty, Lal is determined to lead a confectionery renaissance and hopes that her pursuit of sweet perfection will be an inspiration to both chocolate artisans and aficionados.

Indeed ‘Deliciously Yours’ is an extension of this philosophy, and is Lal Majid and Markings’ collaborative endeavor to provide all chefs, budding and professional alike, with delightful recipes for cooking chocolate, barks, bars, truffles, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, breads, muffins, doughnuts, desserts and pies. In addition to this, the dessert book also acts as a ‘how to’ guide on working with chocolate providing techniques, tips and unique uses for cooking chocolate and desserts. Each recipe is original and reflects the combination of authentic, premium ingredients with plenty of imagination and flair; something Lal Majid is passionately committed to.

On the launch of Deliciously Yours, the team at Markings Publishing, led by entrepreneur Kiran Aman, expressed the importance of diversity as a young and independent publishing company, having released titled ranging from the subjects of photography, poetry, cooking and now desserts. Indeed the idea to collaborate with Lal Majid to launch Deliciously Yours was borne out of the mutual aim to document Lal’s decade’s worth of experience and to present her original recipes in the hope of inspiring generations of chocolatiers to come.

I have always believed that passion is what makes an artist; it¹s the difference between those who settle for ‘good’ and those who can’t stop at anything less than ‘great’. With the Lal’s brand, be it the stores, the patisserie and now this book, I have always thrown my heart into what I do. In Deliciously Yours, I have developed each recipe myself and I wanted to share these and my experience and delight – . I hope this book is useful for everyone who reads it.” Said Lal Majid on the launch of her dessert book ‘Deliciously Yours’.

Published by Markings with  Recipes by Lal Majid, Edited by Arsalan-ul-Haq at Markings, Art direction and Layout Design by Tuba Arshad at Markings, Photographed by Adeela Badshah at Markings, ‘Deliciously Yours’ is now available to purchase for PKR 2,000  at  Liberty books, Lal’s Patisserie (address: Main Khayaban-e-Shahbaz, Phase 6, DHA, Karachi), Lal’s Chocolates Karachi (Address: 3rd Zamzama Lane, Phase 5, DHA, Karachi) and Lal’s Chocolates Lahore (Address: Outer Circle, DHA Y-Block, opposite Al-Fatah)

Markings Publishing proudly presented their fifth title, 'Deliciously Yours' by leading Pakistani chocolatier Lal Majid of the eponymous Lals Chocolate on Wednesday, 09 January 2013 at the Lal's Patisserie.

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