Launch of Deli Fresh & Patyala Piyala

The Super Cinema Complex at Vogue Towers is already a place that makes you feel your best.With the facility of state of the art equipment, complemented by  classy and comfy seating arrangements for the cine goers,this cinema complex lures the elite of the city and they go back energized and high.

To enhance the  pleasure further,the dawn of yesterday saw the   Launch of “DELI FRESH & PATYALA PIYALA”, two new food affairs opening themselves up to Lahore’s cine goers and  grand public for all times to come. And what a memorable opening it turned out to be.  The red logo outside the Vogue Towers  screamed of newness and pride while the traffic choked, every car was ready to get the best parking place with the visitors urging to get to the  third floor of  Vogue Towers where the food food outlets “DELI FRESH & PATYALA PIYALA”are based.

Round tables, square tables, long tables, huge sofas reflected a perfect setting for food intake.The food variety was diverse and platters mouth watering.Other offerings included  delicately round golden onion rings accompanied by some delectable Samosas. Nuggets, Finger Fish and salad greens.  Food taste was simply delicious and in particular the Punjabi touch in items like   Gol Gappas and Dahi Bhallas and their chatpatti dips adds to the crave for more and more.

As for drinks the   Caribbean coolness is so evident.  Tall stem glasses force   wave of “wow-s” and excitement with chilled green Mint Margaritas and lush pink Strawberry Smoothies which nestled themselves in the palms of slender painted fingers adorned with jewels.

The food  assortments deserve compliments and applause and prices are most   accommodating to say the least.Hunger pangs can be easily satiated with cuisine that yield a heightened feeling of being looked after.Look forward to very happy moments at “DELI FRESH & PATYALA PIYALA” restaurants at Super Cinema,Vogue Towers.


‘Lahori foodies’ , other. Today’s dawn had anticipated one event; Launch of “DELI FRESH & PATYALA PIYALA”, two new food affairs opened in Lahore.

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