Asifa & Nabeel Showed the Love For Digitals

This summer 2015 range is to beautify the Holy month of Ramadan with eye pleasing color schemes and awe inspiring twist of nature on fabric. The rich cultural heritage to reinvent the classic appeal is all evident in their Ramadan collection 2015.

The Limited Edition consists of versatile patterns of flowers, rich art traditions, geometrical shapes and other artistic elements representing the modernity and exquisite appeal there is something for every woman to wear, flaunt and a must-have of the season.

Asifa and Nabeel‘s strong point has been the bridals for which they are emphatically set amongst a specialty customer base yet the team has promised to re-rise this year and call 2015 as a game changer’ for their brand.

The recently launched digital-advanced print in unadulterated yard consolidating silk and chiffon dupattas is a second in line after the abundantly praised debut of digital silk collection Printure Digital Emprimare in March this year.. They have made an interpretation of their design philosophy into the contemporary accumulation suited for mid-summer/spring wear in mixed blend of 9 outlines accessible while every configuration is an amalgamation of variety regarding uniqueness and elegance.

Asifa and Nabeel’s forte has been the bridals for which they are solidly placed amongst a niche clientele but the duo has pledged to re-emerge this year and call 2015 as a ‘game changer’ for their brand.

"Lawn has been the channel-the face of success and route to stardom for many but there are many industries that are thriving since the emergence of this product line. Mass market products like lawn, organically textile and forthcoming fashion, came to be recognized as self standing industries and it quite true that lawn captures mass market appeal. I always wanted to delve into this and create my own line veering away from plain fabric that we have always worked on and moving towards prints which is more practical and wearable during the scorching months of summers," said Asifa.

The concept of three piece ensembles that can be worn for formal lunches also endorses an evening appeal while incorporating intricate embellishments to keep the ‘drama’ element intact. The style is reflected in the use of a vibrant color palette with hints of dusty pinks, sunny yellows, corals, striking blues to multi shaded prints. Indeed, this contrasting color palette and luxe feel of the fabric gives us an artistic collection- style savvy yet wearable with an exciting divergence of flamboyancy.

The event was hosted by famous Ayesha Sana.

The event launch was attended by many celebrities, socialities and fashion enthusiasts, namely Aliha, Maryam, Amber Liaqat, Nosheen Sadiq, Amjad Bhatti, Foha Raza, Ammara, Asma, Anam Raheel, Nayab Qayyum, Anum, Asim Malik, Asifa, Nabeel, Asma, Rabia, Atif, Asif Anush, Shazia Ammar, Ayesha Malik, Fareen, Ayesha Sana, Rabia Nomana Ejaz,  Daud, Bisma,Dr Farzeen, Faraz Manan, Fatima, Ovais, Feryal Mohsin, Fahad Hussayn, Madia Azmat, Hadiqa Kiyani, Sara, Irum Khurshid, Irum Noon, Mahgul Noon, Nazish Bokhari, Kamiar Rokhni, Kuki, Humaira Asghar Ali, Dr Shahida Khawaja, Dr Arooj, Lubna, Aniqa, Fatima, Madeeha, Maheen Gul, Maria, Mariam, Sdia, Mehak Rizvi, Mehdi, Maria B, Tahir Saaed, Mehr Gillani, Arun Zafar, Mehreen, Seyham, Mehreen Mahmood, Momina, Mahnoor Khayal, Mona, Mrs Chisti, Sakib, Natty, Bablu, Shafaq Habib, Nazia, Sehr, Riffat, Onaza And Ali Moin, Rana Noman, Amna Babar, Amna Shah, Rima Farid, Hifsa Khan, Rizi, Rubia Moghees, Sadia Zaheer, Saima Ali, Saira Omer Farooq, Saira Rizwan, Saleha, Sam Dada, Sana, Hala,Sara Gandapur, Maryam, Sara Mansoor, Shahbeena Riaz, Shakira, Nishat, Amir Mazahar, Shayan, Shazia, Saniya Querishi, Simky, Sonia Humayun, Madiha Ibrar, Maliha, Sonia Tariq, Susan Khan, Zari, Waleed, Hsy, Xille Huma, Zainab Maliksaher Mughal and Zojaja.

The event was managed by Savvy PR & Events.

Asifa & Nabeel presented floro matrical Digital Emprimare lawn 2015 in their pre celebration of Ramadan, 2015.

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