Zeshan Bariwala

ZESHAN BARIWALA “ZB” follows a refreshingly creative and innovative technique. He prefers to treat each outfit as a blank canvas, and incorporates both current themes and individual customer demands to fashion stunning pieces which, while reflecting the current trends, are unique enough to stand out as exquisite pieces amongst a crowd of sometimes banal, regurgitated designs.

This technique of synthesis also follows in his approach to global trends. Like a master playwright, he tweaks and polishes, writes and re-writes the destiny of his works of genius until just the right balance is struck. A unique fusion of eastern and western trends results in a dazzling display of a coherency which is yet to be achieved in the bona fide international relationships arena.

In short, ZB is the one brand that can be counted on to keep the clients’ demands at the forefront. “ZB” is a master technician, who can play with colors, cuts and fabrics to achieve *exactly* the required result. To say he is visionary would be an understatement. Visit “ZB” today and see where the remarkable brand will take you. With such a competent and adept designer at the helm, the possibilities are simply endless

Zeshan Bariwala has not only attained the status of a qualified designer, but has transcended the limitations of mere bookish knowledge by applying his skills and techniques at internships with many renowned institutions.

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