Zhalay Sarhadi Talks About Struggles with Miscarriages and Shares Her Story

Zhalay Sarhadi has a distinctive name, and she has often shown that she is a formidable opponent. The Pakistani actress, who isn’t afraid to express her opinions on a variety of topics, recently spoke about issues affecting women’s health, particularly those that are connected to reproduction and fertility.

Sarhadi, who has had a rocky connection with healthcare herself, appeared as a guest on TV host Mathira’s talk program to share her personal experiences and stress the value of routine medical visits. The Yaar Na Bichray singer stressed the need to openly discuss women’s health in order to dispel social and generational taboos that exacerbate delicate circumstances and force women into the shadows, where they are least informed about their health.

The 41-year-old actress emphasized that there is a higher role in the future and debunked the misconception that a woman’s body is just used as a carrier for her lineage. In order to educate her tens of millions of fans and followers about the important components of women’s reproductive difficulties, Sarhadi spoke up about having miscarriages herself, discussed the health challenges that followed and responded to people’s inquisitive inquiries.


During an interview, Zhalay Sarhadi opened up about her struggles with thyroid, and her traumatic experience of suffering 3 miscarriages, as well as the mental and physical stress she was put through because of the tragedies. #ZhalaySarhadi #Mathira #GalaxyLollywood #foryou #fyp

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The Rang Laaga actress admitted to having three “really bad” miscarriages, which she ironically had to explain wasn’t her fault.”People always ask me why I didn’t have more kids when I tell them I had a daughter. I’ve had three pretty horrible miscarriages in my life, which is why I now have hypothyroidism, and they weren’t caused by my diet or exercise; they simply occurred to me, the Nazo star added.

How am I expected to explain that to them? Sarhadi continued, saying it makes her feel uneasy to tell everyone about her horrible experience. Sarhadi said that she experienced a miscarriage while filming her 2015 movie Jalaibee. The celebrity said, “My second final miscarriage caused me another form of stress and trauma. It was a mental, physical, and emotional trauma.

I was pregnant at the time of Jalaibee and experienced a miscarriage. After the operation, I also experienced swelling in my body due to hypothyroidism, which I was unaware of at the time. Since my mother has high blood pressure, I assumed it was that. I had it tested since I’m a fitness nut and ladies don’t usually know about side effects.

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