Zeb and Haniya talks to Fashion Central

One glance at the body of their work and it registers immediately that the duo delve and excel at being experimental. Be it English, Urdu, Persian or Dari, Zebunissa Bangash and Haniya Aslam can reset their mode both musically and vocally with great ease and deliver brilliant performances. A household name across Pakistan with their debut album Chup (2008), Zeb and Haniya maintain a funky outlook to their work and with their classy style appeal to a broad base of the audience.

After their globally acclaimed performance at Coke Studio’s Season Two, this year the duo bring back their smoky vocals and sultry guitar playing for a brand new season of Coke Studio.

1. How was the experience of being a part of Coke Studio this year?

Coke Studio was as exciting for us this year as it was last year. The stress is up a couple of notches because I feel people expect more from us this year than they did last year, but we’re pretty sure it’s all going to sound great.

2. Whose performance are you looking forward to watching at Coke Studio?

Haniya: I’m most excited about Abida Parveen Ji’s and Fakir Juman Shah’s performances.

3. In the past two years, Coke Studio has introduced a different brand of fusion music to Pakistanis. Is this the only platform left for folk and indigenous music to thrive?

In the current socio-political scenario, Coke Studio has been the only project willing to invest so heavily in bringing our traditional forms of music to the forefront.

4. What was the highlight for you this year?

Haniya: Our collaboration with Noori was definitely one of this Season’s high-points for me.

Zebunissa Bangash and Haniya Aslam (Zeb and Haniya) talks to Fashion Central.

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