Yasir Hussain Apologises for Child Abuse Joke

Pakistani comedian and actor Yasir Hussain on Sunday apologised for his crass joke on the sensitive topic of child abuse, which led to an onslaught against him on Twitter. 

In a short video clip uploaded on his Instagram account, the comedian stated that he also stood against child abuse and apologised to actor Ahsan Khan, who won a Best Actor award recently for essaying the role of a villain in a drama serial focusing on the issue of child abuse. In yet another post, Yasir stated that he never meant to undermine the delicate issue and that it happened 'in the spur of the moment'.

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At a recent local award show on Saturday, the actor and comedian cracked a crude joke. When Ahsan Khan went to the stage to collect his award for Best Actor In A Negative Role for a drama that focuses on the topic of child sexual abuse, Yasir remarked:-

“Itna khoobsurat child molester, kaash mein bhi bacha hota.” (What a beautiful child molester, if only I was also a child).

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Right after he made the quip, people took to social media to lambast Hussain for his crass sense of humour.

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