Worst Dressed Celebrities in Pakistan

Well, well well when the industry has its share of those who dress correct and worth recognition, there are those who lack the in getting out that sense in them.

Or what should one may call it? Falling short on luck? Luck is eccentric, you might get a grasp on it one day and it might deviate on a bigger angle on the other day. This might have had happened to our celebrities.

It might have occurred to them that the moment they have dreaded of knocking the wrong sense of fashion on a special event, might have been a nightmare turned to reality. Yes, well here it is.

So, lets have a look down the road. Today we’ll be looking at the worst dressed celebrities:

1. Sarwat Gillani at The Lux style awards had been a major flop. Sorry Sarwat! But what were you expecting Halloween? Well, it was nowhere- near or should we say no-wear near? Yet that all black gothic attire with the overloaded embellishment on the western gown or was it eastern? Sorry, but no catch.

2. Noor: Oh please, before she jumps on the live shows, we highly think she needs to work on her dressing.  A better personality needs a personified sense to fashion!

3. Moammar Rana: Well, we must say keeping the kind of look straight out from the gym does not work ‘on –spot’ usually. Even when he changes his attire he still needs to hit hard on fashion sense. We might add him to the list of worst dressed celebrities.

4. Waqar Zaka! Yes, you’re on the list please changing your style. Let’s recall the look you had on LSA. The eyes might have burned in hell. Mercy on your fans please!

5. Ali Xeeshan at Lux Style Award 2015. It wasn’t THAT cold, buddy!

So, this has been the list of Pakistani worst dressed celebrities. A few of them have made a mistake one time, while the votes on majority leads to those who need to hire a stylist!

A road down to the worst dressed celebrities!

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