I will hang myself if found guilty: Meera

Lollywood veteran Meera recently addressed rumours of her being involved in fraudulent activities. A video had circulated on social media in which a family can be seen accusing the actor of earning money through illegal means.

The Baaji star, in a recent press conference at the Lahore Press Club, rebuffed all the reports, stressing that much like the characters she has played in the majority of her films, she is a ‘heroin’ in real life as well. “I am a heroin in real life, aside from being one in in films. My whole life and career is based on struggle and hard work,” she said.

Adding on, Meera exclaimed that she would proceed to ‘hang’ herself if found guilty by the courts. “I will hang myself if I am found guilty of fraud and corruption. Some elements are targeting me and continuously doing propaganda. I challenge all those who are involved.”

Meera then proceeded to talk about how she had gone out of her way to help the family that has leveled the allegations against her. “I offered my own residency to a poor family during the corona pandemic. I allowed them to stay there for a period of three months and in return, they are making false accusations against me,” she said.

Elaborating further, the Lollywood veteran noted that her money trail alone absolves her of any fraudulent activity. “My bank account and credit history shows that no funds and money has been transferred in my account during this year. Every department can see my bank statement and how much money I earned. My bank account is empty and here, I also present my account numbers to any intelligence agency that want to verify my details as they wish,” she said.

While admitting that public figures of her stature do end up in such controversies, Meera clarified that as far as her case is concerned, none of the allegations hold any ground. “Believe me, these are just allegations and there is no reality in it. I have villas in Dubai and are on my name and the relevant agencies are most welcome to investigate them,” she added.

Concluding her address, the Nazar star reasserted that she has always been honest and her character is clean. “Everyone should know that I am a lady of good character, neat and clean and have always spoken the truth. It is sad that now people for whom I am a ‘real life hero’ are blaming me for wronging them. Soon, time will prove that these allegations are false,” she said.

Earlier this year, Meera had applied for financial assistance with the Artist Support Fund, launched by the Punjab Information and Cultural Department. The actor had sought Rs40 million, claiming that her financials were in dire straits. Her request was subsequently denied and she was offered mere Rs 5,000-10,000.

"My shows in USA and Canada were cancelled due to Covid-19. I suffered a loss of around $100,000. I have to pay back the loan I took in Dubai. I was earning Rs15,000 per appearance but with no shows, I am forced to apply for financial support,” she had told Media.

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