Why Model Ayyan Ali goes back to Karachi University?

Days after she spent her 22nd birthday with children at the Edhi Foundation in Islamabad, supermodel Ayyan Ali, who is currently infamous for assumed money-laundering, was seen mingling with students at the Karachi University (KU) for the inauguration of a business enterprise by learners of the school.

They are two youthful energetic self made entrepreneurs who developed a new unique French Chips idea and made their particular manufacturer in a very limited amount to help impaired people by donating a specific portion from their earnings,” the supermodel claimed in a Facebook article alongside photos on Thursday.

They asked me to be the main visitor for the inauguration for this cultural cause.” that was amazing about her purpose within the trigger, Ayyan mentioned the youth must be suppored in their attempts.

Of course, we chose to help them for this societal trigger because this represents the brilliant future of our nation …I was given a warm welcome by the Chairman, University customers and Individuals of Team Of Public Administration”.

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In the background of the still live cash laundering case, Ayyan may find resistence. How ever she stated that the pupils should not lend ears to rumours.

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I offered them a simple concept which they should not build their perception about something to the base of rumours; they ought to inquire for genuine details then move forward with their eyesight, because I want our youth to have full confidence since it will help them form their opinions based on facts".

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Ayyan Ali was invited as a Chief Guest on Thursday to Karachi University's Department Of Public Administration.

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