Waseem Badami Opens Up About Majid Jahangir’s Allegations

Waseem Badami is a Pakistani television host and news anchor who currently hosts a political talk show 11th Hour on ARY News. Majid Jahangir, a senior actor, and comedian accused Waseem Badami and Iqrar Ul Hassan of working with him on a scam, which made them the subject of news. The money the two had amassed for Majid Jahangir during Shaan E Ramadan, according to Majid Jahangir, was not given to him. He added that despite their promise, they did not give him a Corolla.

Majid Jahangir‘s Complaints Are Addressed by Waseem Badami

In reaction to Majid Jahangir from Makkah Mukarama, Waseem Badami recently posted a video. He said, “firstly, Majid Jahangir said you got Toyota Corolla, I didn’t even say a word car in the show”, Iqrar Ul Hassan said Iqrar Ul Hassan then added that with the support of Ary Digital’s proprietors, we tried to provide him Mehran to him, to which he consented. I would say that Corolla Car never came on the set of Shaan E Ramadan. Additionally, we didn’t claim that 12 Lacs had been pledged; instead, we received pledges of only 4 to 6. Should we end these segments? No, because everyone is aware that pledges are often only partially fulfilled. For instance, if someone pledged 100 rupees but only gave 70, that doesn’t mean we have the remaining 30 rupees. I’ll say a prayer for his health because I’m in Makkah. Majid Jahangir is not a problem for me, but I would advise you to do some study beforehand.

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