Was Veena Malik Ex Boyfriend A Gay?

Veena  Malik  affairs seem like an endless list of candidates appear for for an audition. One after the other the names are popping out , helping the starlet to gain media attention. Just when his lady had settled with her husband and is all set to live her future life without any controversy, a man just turned up and claims to have a live- in relationship with Veena Malik. A man called Prashant Singh has filed a complaint under Section 507 (criminal Intimidation) against Vienna and says that she treated to accuse him o0f rape and molestation if he will reveal her relationship with him. The wannabe also made a call to his mother and threatened her as well.

On the other hand, Veena has a different story to tell, like always. She said he is just a staff member and a brother to me. OOPZZZZZZZZZZZ. A very good gay and I am not even sure of his home sexuality. Calling him a guy at this point in time when she is married would make her ways easier to get along with husband.

A man name Prashant Singh claimed to have a live in relationship with Veena, for Veena he is a gay friend.

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