Veena Malik talks to Fashion Central

Veena Malik is a popular model, actress, social worker and a mimicker known for her bold personality and unique style sense. She is a very down-to-earth and fun loving girl. Currently she is in India for the ‘Big Boss’ season 4.

Apart from modeling, acting, anchor person, parodies and other such pursuits,   what are your future plans? 

I’ve been thinking to come to fashion designing. I’ve already started work on my clothing line that will include women’s wear, jewelry, fragrances and lingerie collection. 

You are a social worker, you have been a member of WHO and have adopted two children, What is your vision and your aim behind this? 

The philosophy of my life is that every person is born with a purpose and aim, and that is to make your life useful to people around you. I believe, if my life has not benefitted anyone, then what’s the use of that life. If my life has been a source of happiness for others, then I would feel I’ve fulfilled my purpose. 

Do you dream of going to Bollywood? 

My intentions were never to get into Bollywood. I would never act in any B grade or C grade movie. Yes, If I am offered an A grade movie that is very challenging and has got a lot of margin for acting, then yes, I would definitely think about that. And If I’m offered anything ‘interesting’ other then films, then yes, I will avail that chance. 

What are your inspirations? 

I feel inspired with every person, who’s at the top of his profession. My biggest inspiration is my father, who was a very brave army man. In fashion Industry, I’m very much inspired with Madonna and Victoria Beckham. I’m also inspired with Angelina Jolie for the wonderful things that she has done and Junaid Jamshed because of his dedication to religion. 

When did you realize you can be a great mimicker? Is this something that you are doing since your school days? 

In school and college, I used to participate in debates. It happened to me by an accident and Dr. Younus Butt was the first person who said to me that I can do this. I said, how can I do this? But he said, No Veena you have the potential you can do this, and this landed me on the sets of ‘Ham Sab Umeed Say Hain’ on Geo TV, where I imitated Nadia Khan and that was a huge hit. 

Do false rumors and controversies upset you? 

In the beginning, yes they did really upset me a lot but now I think I’m much mature and brave to handle them. They don’t upset me now. 

What was the most memorable role in your acting career? 

As far as movies are concerned there is no such memorable experience. But I had so much fun doing ‘Ham sab Umeed say hain’ and currently I’m enjoying a lot with ‘Miss Dunya’ 

Whom do you love mimicking the most? 

I love mimicking Meera, Bushra Ansari and Noor Jahan the most. 

Can you cook? 

Yes, I love making Soups and Salads. 

To whom are you most close in your home? 

I’m equally close to everybody, from my younger sister to my papa, I’m close and share things and take guidance from them. 

Anything that you want to say about Fashion Central? 

Yes, I must say, I’ve never seen such an organized and well maintained site in Pakistan. You guys are totally rocking.

Veena Malik is a popular model, actress, social worker and a mimicker known for her bold personality and unique style sense.

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