Ushna Shah’s Rant Against Pakistani Hypocrisy During Ramazan

Ushna Shah has been called brave and honest by many lauding her on social media after her Facebook post calling out people who pretend to be kind and compassionate during Ramzan. 

Ushna Shah has penned down an open letter on Facebook, in which she calls out her fellow members of Pakistani showbiz for cashing in on Ramazan transmissions on Pakistani television while failing to embody the values preached by Islam for the rest of the year.

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Without naming any names, Ushna Shah writes, "Many people will pretend to be someone they are not for a mere 30 days to cash in on this holy month, I may not keep all my fasts or say all my prayers, but I sure as hell won't disrespect Islam and the millions of people fasting and truly abiding by the faith by pretending to do so just to gain the respect and the money I do not deserve."

The Bashar Momin star says that she has observed these double standards in "the same directors who have hit on me and not given me work because some other actress gave in" and other people who have deliberately tried to hurt her or damage her career. Writing about her women contemporaries in particular, she says, "I have zero respect for the veil donning Virgin Marys who make millions off Ramazan transmission by preaching the word of God on Iftar shows and become tutti fruitties a month later."

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