Trends Forecast: Autumn/Winter 2013


After carrying out in depth research on the forecasted trends for Fall/Winter 2013, exploring trend reports and journals from experts in the field including Pantone’s report by its panel of forecasters including fashion designers and fashion influencers, I have noticed that F/W 2013 is going to see an unexpected and unusual mix of darks, brights and neutrals.

“By playing to consumers’ practical side with versatile neutrals, and boosting their confidence with bold, spirited hues, this skillfully balanced palette has something for everyone,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Colour Institute.

As the season transitions from the heat of summer, Bright Chartreuse, a vital yellow-green, pays homage to a typical spring shade and creates a bridge into the cooling days of fall. Green colour is associated with a feel of rest and familiarity, and is a hue inspired by nature. F/A ’13 will be a combination of this neon-like green Bright Chartreuse, diffuse into more subtle and sophisticated shades like the warm Ultramarine Green.

Red continues to be an essential colour for the winter wardrobe, and F/W ’13 will see this joyous shade take on versatile role- being warm with its dull or pastel-like pink and brown hues , and bold with its vibrant fuchsias, like Pantone’s Pink Flambé and enticing Tangerine Tango.

Purple is another typical fall colour, and this fall is no exception. However, the take on this hue is going to be experimental and fresh! Shades of purple in high and low contrast offer depth and variety for fall. Pantone’s Rhapsody is a greyed down purple that is associated with comfort and serenity with its muted down tone. The colour continues to evolve from grey and yellow kissed shades to cooler saturated shades in magenta and bolder ones in aubergine.

Sun-filled yellow shades brighten up the otherwise dull, depressing winters. Both warm, mellow shades and bright, playful shades of this hue will mark this season. Pantone’s Honey Gold a burnished yellow is a lovely shade to adorn.

Other colours that will dominate F/W ’13 include various shades of blue, brown and grey.

Inspirational Themes:

Each season sees different designers take on similar or different themes, that they use to derive design inspirations from. These themes vary from historical eras, to famous people, a particular region or culture, nature or even a film. Some of the forecasted themes for Fall 2013 includes:


The ornamented drama of the Baroque and Rococo era of the 17th century, returned in new ways for Fall 2012, and fall 2013 is going to see its continuation, in more experimental, combinational ways in various forms:

  • Embroidery
  • Rich fabrics like velvet, leather and silk brocades
  • Gold, gold and more gold. Gold hardware, gold embellishments, gold thread
  • Ornate patterns that preference symmetry over assymmetry and curves over hard lines
  • References to artworks, sculpture, interior design


The vamp, gothic and the Noir inspired looks will be another influence of F/W ’13 with mustery and fantasy being the key words of these dark, gloomy themes.


Oriental opulence is a blossoming trend, and F/W ’13 will see tales of the Orient that astonish and inspire take a new dimension in terms of prints, cuts, embroidery, fabric, etc. Oriental motifs are going to have a great influence on Western fashion.


Although none of us like wars or military operations, but the fact remains that we keeping hearing about them almost on a daily base and it seems like during F/W ’13, this theme is going to be quite strong.

Cuts & Silhouettes:

Pencil skirts- These have come a long way, and are one item which seem to be a must have for F/W ’13. Infact maybe two or three of these! As versatile as they are, F/W ’13 will use them as corporate wear, day-wear or even party-wear!


These have been very famous this summer, and will continue to be during fall as-well. However, F/W ’12 brings  classier and darker peplums and will mostly come on cocktail dresses and skirt suits.

Capes & Cloaks

These will take both traditional and tailored new looks, and could be experimented with Gothic as well as playful themes. F/W ’13 will see them inspired by futurism, superheroes and vampires, in long and short versions.

Slim-fit trousers

These are certainly not a new trend, however designers and fashion influencers suggest we can use them more often this F/W ’13.

Leisure suits

Leisure suits, especially in prints will be another must have coming Fall.



Leather is always in fashion, however the trend gets trendier as winter approaches. F/W ’13 will see designers using a lot of leather especially in the creation of skirts, coats/jackets and even dress (full dresses or panels). Also, leather will be employed as patchwork or appliqué work.


This rich fabric with a vintage feel will be a hot favourite coming fall. Velvet dresses and suits also made way on the runways of fall 2012 and gave a glimpse of how beautiful and elegant women looked in their feminine self, away from androgyny.


Just like leather, fur will appear on everything during F/W ’13, including coats, jackets, dresses, bags.


Première Vision’s print report on F/W ’13 suggests the following print trends:

Midnight Garden

With oversized flower heads and close-ups, inky colours, single blooms, water colour background, over-exposed photos, etc.

Optical day

With Bauhaus expressions, prints from the 1920s, 60s & 70s mixed, wallpaper looks, tie-style foulards, paisley motifs, grid-like patterns and striped.

Historical adornment

With Baroque and Rococo styles, unfinished work, sketching, bleach effects, paisley bleeds, devore velvets, decorative work and ornate gold and coppers.

Urban metropolis

With urban landscapes, photographic cities overlaid, urban imagery, pixel blur, collage mix, graffiti, industrial landscape, mapping, contour lines, grainy prints and mixed drawn imagery.

By: Bisma Ahmed

Trends for Fall/Winter 2013 are truly exceptional and striking because this year an extraordinary mix of dark, bright and neutral hues is going to dominate the winter wardrobe.

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