The Wolf of Wall Street

“The Wolf of Wall Street” is the 5th collaboration between Leonardo and Martin. The other imperative characters of “Donnie Azoff” and “Jean-Jacques Saurel” are performing by “Jonah Hill” and “Jean Dujardin” respectively. Let’s talk about story line of the movie in short, this movie is moving around a New York stock broker (Leonardo DiCaprio) who runs a firm by name “Stratton Oakmont”.

The firm involves in security frauds and corruption on Wall Street but the character (Jordan) refuses to take part in a fraud of stock-exchange, in a result he has to face the jail. When he gets release from the jail, he starts taking revenge from his enemies.

The director of this movie Martin Scorsese is not unknown for us. In the last 10 years or above, a lot of well known movies he has been directed which were praised by the audience like “The Aviator”, “Gang of New York”, “Good Fellas”, “Hugo” and “The Departed”. He is an ambitious director which fully shown in his movies. He makes film without thinking will it go in plus or minus, just work on story which hit his heart. In this three hours new movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”, you may see Martin’s enthusiastic and whole hearted control on his material.

The movie is full of crime, wickedness, money hunger, tribal male bonding, and sex. The film “Wolf of Wall Street” is actually a luminous demonstration of the Alpha-dog’s state of mind, “kill to eat” that not only drives Wall Street, but in some ways becoming the driving philosophy of America’s modern greed culture.

Although everybody in this movie gives their best in their character but the main stream Leonardo DiCaprio gives a thoroughly energized performance in the role of real-life 1990s stock-fraud case relater Jordan Belfort, who establish an empire out of duping hack investors into buying valueless money stocks. He starts off in a inhabited boiler room, where he meets the team he’ll take with him on his untamed journey, together with Jonah Hill as a loser who turns into nerd vampire of greediness.

They both played central roles of Jordan and his longtime fellow Donnie Azoff. Both actors are tasked with occupying their broad screen time with a nearly non-stop blaze of weird debauchery, articulated through words that would make a pirate go red. Moreover, Jonah continues to show that his capabilities extended well beyond low-brow comedy; though to be fair, it could be argued that his role – with its teasing and absurdity – is exactly that. Still, he is great in it, and steals scenes left and right whenever he is in them.

The entire movie "The Wolf of Wall Street" shows us that money and prostitution is like an addiction of a drugs and the movie is portraying all this. It’s not an exactly a comedy movie but I is frequently shockingly hilarious, because scene after scene revels in the dark joviality of how extreme Jordan Belfort will go. “The Wolf of Wall Street” is a shameful and nauseating reflection of something very genuine – and very rotten – at the heart of our society.

Some people will inexorably be so put off by the harsh composition of the message that they fail to notice the magnitude of that message; but in presenting so much of the bad and the ugly at the back of Wall Street so bravely, Martin Scorsese has created an insightful and vital deconstruction of post-millennial America’s ethical attrition.

In such case Leonardo DiCaprio has the more dense duty of harmonizing the grotesqueness of Jordan Belfort’s persona with moments of bona fide magnetism and insight as well as the dry, wit and meta humor employed by the picture of Jordan Belfort who narrates the story. Leonardo DiCaprio without a question shines brilliant on all three fronts. In all I will give it five star because of having a lot of soul in the movie.

This year Paramount and Universal pictures proudly presented comedy-crime movie by name “The Wolf of Wall Street”. The director of this movie is legendry “Martin Scorsese”.

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