The Story Behind Laila and Nabeel Shaukat Scandal

At present when the younger talented Pakistani celebrities are trying hard to improve their country image of their hard work, on the other hand there are still others who are representing their substandard approach thus deteriorates the prevailing culture. The Pakistani film stars have always seen as part of notorious scandals. Their questionable acts remained completely unsuccessful in their reign to savor dignity and respect in their professional career. Initially staying in news of associating herself with Mira Gee’s brother Ahsan in order to marry him, this lady also claimed that the famous politician Jahangir Badar asked her out marry his son, which later on results backing out of her statement.

The Lollywood actress ,prior a stage drama actress Laila always maintained a pace to remain in scandalous news, most of the times for her personal matters , and if not then for violating rules, visiting to jails, drinking and now “Teasing”. The lady has now said to be consistently contacting the winner of Sur Kshetra, Nabeel Shaukat.

Recently, a reputed printed media released the news highlighting about the story that the celebrity Laila wants to be in a relationship with Nabeel Shaukat, both of the celebrities met at a morning show 72 hours where they were invited as guests for the show. After the show ended, Laila met Nabeel and asked for his number. Nabeel gave his number with no idea on how many ways his life will get disturbed. It is reported that laila used to call Nabeel countlessly on his cell phone number and when not received any response from him, she bombarded Nabeel with adorning messages. It was a very awkward situation for Nabeel and for that matter he decided to switch off his cell phone. Nowadays Nabeel Shaukat is also intending to change his FB fan page.

His spokesperson said: that Nabeel Belong To A Respectful Family And Associating Him With A Star Like Laila Is Alarming And This Will Hurt Nabeel Repute As Well. He Is In A Phase Of Persuading His Singing Career And At This Peak Time He Can’t Afford Such Scandals, And For That Reason His Parents And He Himself Decided To Leave For Holland.

Laila a well-known film actress in action once again with her flirtatious attempts, and this time her target is Nabeel Shaukat, winner of Sur Kshetra.

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