The Legend of Hercules

 Movies are a great source of entertainment for almost all the age groups. Besides food it’s the movies that bring people together socially. Every year there are a couple of movies released that people are anxiously waiting for and are based on the Greek mythology. We had Thor that was from the Norse mythology, a movie that people were not only waiting for impatiently but it had all house full everywhere after being released. 

Similarly the upcoming year 2014 brings with itself another great mythology based movie known as the Legend of Hercules. It revolves around his life and adventures. Many of us have heard about him or read about him but this time we will get to view his life all in the form of a movie and appreciate him better. 
Releasing on the january 10, 2014 directed by Renny Harlin co-written by Sean hood , Giulio Steve and Daniel Giat. With Kellan Lutz,Roxanne McKee , Liam Mcintyre  and Scott Adkins .
In ancient Greece 1200 B.C a queen submits to the lust of Zeus to bear a son to him who promises to overthrow the doctorial rule of the king and re- instate peace in a land which is thrown in hardships and hard times. The story gets a twist where the main hero , Hercules has no idea of who he is and what his destiny about. The only thing the Hercules knows is that he wants the love of Hebe, Princess of Crete who has been promised to his brother. By the time Hercules gets to know about his great purpose he has to choose to flee with his true love or to fulfill his destiny and become the real hero of his time.
IN the movie The Legend of Hercules the lead actor role is played by is Kellan Lutz. He stars as the Hercules who is the son of Zeus , a half god , half man blessed with an unusually super strength. He was betrayed by his step father , who is the king. He gets exiled and sold into slavery because of prohibited love . To get back to his rightful kingdom he needs to use his formidable powers . In order to chase this journey to where he rightfully belongs . He undergoes harrowing battles and some gladiator field death matches. He goes on board on a legendary odyssey to remove from power the king and bring back peace to the land.
The story behind one of the supreme myths is revealed in this action-packed epic – a tale of love, sacrifice and the strength of the human spirit.
This is a great movie to watch in a cinema. It has some real amazing fight scenes , cinematography and actors. The movie has one famous tagline “every man has a destiny”. It is rated as PG-13.
It is the first time that we will get to watch the lengend of Hercules in the form of a movie starred with some great actors. Earlier it was released in the form of cartoon , games on playstation or storybooks. Never was this made officially in the form of a movie where people can sit together and watch it. 
Usually movies that are based on mythology are a big hit world wide. Expectations are pretty high of success  from  this movie too. 
So be ready to enetr the new year 2014 with tickets already booked for the movie the legend of hercules and enjoy watching this story in the form of a film . hercules is one story every child gets to read and hear about but never do we really know what the whole story was really about . For kids growing in this era this would be a great movie to watch and easy way to acquire a knowledge of history too.

We have read about the legend of Hercules in the books and watched in cartoons but no one has really seen it in the form of a movie. On 10th January this movie will get released. Make sure to watch it.

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